Disney’s Big Gamble on Unknown Superheroes

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Aug. 1 (Bloomberg) –- Radio Times Film Critic Stella Papamichael discusses the film “Guardians of the Galaxy,” why she gave it four out of five stars and the popularity of comic book movies with Mark Barton, Caroline Hyde and Ryan Chilcote on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Forget it.

Talk about the guardians of the galaxy.

Stille, good morning to you.

-- stella, good morning to you.

Why not five stars?

It is very good.

I think it will surprise a lot of people.

Like many people, i was not familiar with "guardians of the galaxy." a little-known comic first published in 1969. it was rebooted in recent years.

It was picked up -- it was going to be a new franchise.

Another one in the works.

All part of the marvel universe.

Phase two.

We are on phase two.

Which was iron man three.

They are very popular, aren't they?

People forget with iron man.

It was not a hugely ball known -- well-known comic book.

Robert downey junior was not on the a list.

I think marvel is the brand that will sell this over the opening weekend.

Open -- word-of-mouth.

I guess it doesn't matter if the heroes are well known.

For the kids, they are new anyway.

It is only be dumb parents -- the dump areas that would celebrate seeing superheroes on the silver screen.


This is perhaps the most kid friendly they have released.

Grown-ups love it, too.

It has a host modern -- that postmodern wink wink sense of humor.

Is a well shot?

Well acted?

It is all of those things.

I think chris pratt will be huge after this.

The main superhero.

He is playing the main guy.

I'm quite a superhero.

He is reminiscent of harrison ford as han solo.

It has echoes of that kind of vibe.

It will be one for the kids.

With it being the school holidays, it is no coincidence.

Where does it fit into the pantheon of marvel films?

There is hope, -- "hulk,:"" the avengers.

What is your favorite?

Still the ironman series.

Not quite as good as that for me.

But i am not a kid.

I think if i was a kid watching this, i would be deliriously happy to be spending my afternoon with this film.

What other comic books are going to be rebooted?

Is this going to be a story that runs and runs?

The benefit of "guardians of the galaxy" is they do have so many characters.

There is dr.


Another captain america film.

Are we in danger of overdosing on superhero films, do you think?

Warner bros.

Has the batman, superman film coming out.

Justice league as well.

Are we going to be joining in superheroes?

There is a basic formula that is being used throughout these films.

The mix of humor and bringing superheroes back down to earth.

With warners, it is a different tact.

They are bringing them down with dark psychology.

Those things are continuing to work for them.

It is working really well.

They are making hundreds of millions of dollars.

Probably in the billions of dollars by now.

What did you think about the wonder woman outfit?

It caused a bit of a stir.

Like the warrior princess.

The wonder woman of the 1990's. i do like that kind of kitsch 60's, 70's look.

More gold.

Blue and gold.

I will touch -- i will try to pioneer thunder cats as well.

You have sold it to me.

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