Disney Bets Bigger on `Infinity' With Marvel Heroes

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June 12 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s John Erlichman discusses Disney’s venture into the gaming business and Nintendo’s strategy for collectibles. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

This is one of the big things that we heard about, right?

A lot of times they will talk about how they have all of this action from the movies.

They tried to do something similar with the gaming business.

They put a lot of money into infinity and the idea was that you will be able to use your whole cast of characters and play whatever version you want to play.

And by the way, you can go to the stores and get these collectibles that will hook into the game.

I think they have sold something like 25 million collectibles so far since the game came out last year.

And roughly 3 million or more starter kits.

The next version will in part -- involve the marvel characters.

We have designed is to be more like a platform.

Over time, it will grow.

Consumers can purchase more interactive game pieces and continue to expand their content over time.

Look for more disney stuff to make its way to infinity.

But how do these work echo -- how do these work echo do you purchase the characters?

It is pretty amazing to be able to create an entire world within your disney universe with all of these characters.

Does each one, they price?

You get a starter kit and a few different options, and then if you want something else, you go out and buy it.

But and they each have -- and they each have a superpower.


A similar strategy at e3 for nintendo this week.

Explain what they are trying to do.

I'm not going to say they stole a page out of disney's book, because activision has something called sky landers, which was on the market before disney had it.

But they are very aware, nintendo, that if they want to continue to sell their own gaming consoles -- and it is tough out there with the likes of microsoft and sony -- you give people a reason to keep buying them, by putting out the collectibles.

And then having more interactions with the games they've got.

I was one of the big things they were pushing this week.

Everybody is trying to get in on the act there, at least nintendo and disney.

What about virtual reality gaming?

What happens to something like disney infinity if we move into that world?

Do they tailor their games so that they could maybe work with, let's say, oculus?

One of the things that disney is taking about right now is trying to be able to maintain control of their characters and let the technology figure itself out.

I think they feel like the virtual technology reality -- virtual technology can figure out the world and then it will be great for the theme parks, too.

I know mark zuckerberg is involved.

What did he say?

This is really interesting.

You've got a guy who did this deal quickly with zuckerberg.

Here is a little bit more on the zuckerberg's interest in oculus for the he is a smart guy and he shared a lot of us vision that we had.

-- a lot of the vision that we have.

We all got together and mark zuckerberg just shared the same vision.

He wanted to see it in the hands of as many people as possible.

We started the company on the foundation of getting it into as many living rooms, as many homes and hands and eyes as possible.

A great interview.

Jon erlichman, thank you so much.

Coming up tomorrow, a big finish

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