Dish Urges FCC to Kill Comcast-Time Warner Deal

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July 9 (Bloomberg) -- Comcast’s purchase of Time Warner Cable “presents serious competitive concerns” and should be denied, Dish Network Corp. told U.S. regulators. Jon Erlichman has more on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Some -- that dish is speaking out against the comcast-time warner deal.

Absolutely, they are.

That is well within their right to do.

Washington is in the process of absorbing to massive -- two massive consolidations.

All of the players observing those deals, whether they are in the atv world like -- the payee tv world like dish or a broadcaster, they have to be thinking about what that means for them.

They have a couple of choices.

They can go very public and voice their opposition, or to avoid any ruffling of feathers, they can stay quiet.

Clearly, for a company like dish, who even before the consolidation train got chugging along, a lot of people were wondering about its future.

Someone argue now that dish has been left out on the cold and has to think about its next move.

It is logical for them to question these deals, at least this deal in particular in washington.

I have been talking in washington about this very issue with the broadcast executives and we will hear more from them about how they feel about these deals.

At the end of the day, i think a lot of them are thinking about that, cautiously observing and wondering whether they should say something on the record about that.

Charlie has become a larger-than-life media mogul character these days.

He has.

This is a guy that has always been opportunistic, beyond just having the satellite business.

This is someone who has acquired a huge amount of spectrum, because he knows where the industry is going.

For charlie, the challenge has been in a world where people want to be on broadband, watching more content on their phones, what do you do as dish without having a phone operation ? that has been the next chapter for them.

And as i said, there is a large believe that dish may be left in the cold.

The idea of consolidation happening, it always have to -- it always has to make sense.

We are running around in sun valley asking all of these moguls about consolidation, especially because at this time last year we were wondering about whether there will be all of the cable deals.

And john malone has the stage for that.

And now there are two massive deals going through the regulatory approval process.

Does that necessarily mean you have to see deals?

The answer is, it is hard to say, but they are definitely thinking about it.

He will be watching all of your coverage out there.

Looking forward to it.

Jon erlichman in sun valley.

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