Dish Piles Up Spectrum, May Win 10 MHz H-Block

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Jan. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Dish Network will be the biggest bidder in the FCC's Jan. 22 H-block auction after Sprint and T-Mobile said they would not participate. Peter Cook reports on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

It is called the h block.

That is a 10 megahertz chunk of airwaves that congress ordered sold back in 25th -- sold by 2015. it can be used for wireless services.

No major wireless layer is actually bidding.

At&t and verizon wireless and sprint decided to take a pass.

That leaves dish as the biggest of the 23 players registered in this auction and the odds on favorite to lead with most of all of the licenses.

It has committed to bid the reserve price of at least $1.56 billion.

A win would give the dish chairman the opportunity to challenge at&t and verizon and sprint/t mobile.

The providers could lease these airways to somebody else like google or amazon or start his own wireless service.

The company will not say what his plans are.

It would mark the latest in a series of airwaves acquisitions by the company since 2oo7. how long until we know the outcome?

The bidding starts today over the internet and will last until the bits start -- stop rolling in which could be days or weeks until we know the winners.

There will be no publicly announced winners until that point on the last one took 38 days but there were more than 200 bidders then and it was more valuable real estate.

It brought in nearly $20 billion for taxpayers that this one will not raise as much money.

Tigress has committed his money to fund a new national wireless network for emergency responders and there will be more auctions coming up.

There is at least one other familiar name in the bidding war which is mario gabelli.

You will talk with them in little bit and that will be interesting.

He owns one of the smaller bidders here.

He's got a checkered history when it comes to airwave bidding.

In 2006, he paid 130 million dollars to settle charges he used sham companies and earlier auctions.

He did not admit any wrongdoing.

Lynch is not announcing its strategy so it will be interesting to see what his strategy is.

Thank you.

Let's move abroad -- world leaders are meeting in doubles, switzerland to this gusto so,

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