Dish Network to Accept Customer Bitcoin Payments

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May 29 (Bloomberg) -- Max Raskin, founder and Chief Executive Officer at, talks with Betty Liu about Dish network’s decision on accept payments in Bitcoin, why it can be an economic benefit to the company and which industries he sees as ripe for a move into the virtual currency. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Of coin co, the new york-based consulting firm.

Is this surprising, dish?

Yeah, it is surprising whenever a large company does that, but it is becoming less and less so.

Writes because what i was going to start with is it is inevitable that more and more companies will start accepting big go with the momentum.

It is sort of like e-mail in the early days.

At some point, a company has to get its first e-mail address, and it is hard to be be first one over the fence to do that, but it's more more companies do so, smaller companies will say look, dish is doing it, overstock is doing it, larger institutional players are doing it, so why can we not do it?

Why does it make sense for dish come a which is a tv company, does not like it is selling product -- why would it make sense for them to accept bitcoin?

Is actually easier because you can pay your bills online.

You have lower fees than visa, mastercard, paypal online.

The bitcoin network essentially allows you to have lower fees and no chargebacks.

There are financial reasons why to do it.

What are the unusual or other factors that you expect would start accepting bitcoin?

The fec announced they are approving bitcoin for political donations.

You're starting to see campaigns, political organizations excepted because contrary to what a lot of people think, the government is actually not so opposed to bitcoin.

Isn't the biggest question regulation?

Yes, that is the biggest question, which is good for the tech side because the tech has improved and the finances have been proved out, and it is the government -- that needs to clear up the answer to the -- yeah, and they are because they want to keep money in the u.s. and nato, to send it elsewhere.

Mats, the value of bitcoin has gone down dramatically, hasn't it?

It has come down from the late last year numbers, but it has gone up substantially from a year ago.

Right now it is hovering around $500, actually came up that little bit recently, but it has been in this poor under $50, $550 range for a wild, which is comforting -- this 450 dollar, $550 range for a while.

Matt raskin, thank you,

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