Dish Launching Wireless Test, Targets 2014 Rollout

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Oct. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Edmund Lee reports on Dish Networks efforts to provide wireless broadband service as it offers trials in several markets. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Watching to see how it goes this weekend.

Dish network is planning to offer fixed wireless broadband in trial markets in expansion of a partnership.

This could signal the satellite- tv provider's broader wireless plans.

Dish will begin selling the service in several virginia cities in early 2014. i want to bring in edmond lee, who covers media and technology for bloomberg news.

Why them as a strategic partner for dish?

They already have the structure.

They already have a customer base.

It's a good partnership that makes sense, and it allows the chairman to make use of the spectrum or potentially make use of more of the spectrum he already owns.

What does this reveal about their wireless expansion plan?

It's a good question.

Everyone is wondering what he plans to do with the spectrum he's already sitting on.

This is not necessarily his first choice, to offer fixed wireless broadband service.

He would rather do a mobile offering to customers across the country.

He's looking for other ways to make use of it.

This partnership allows them to offer broadband a way that cable companies already do.

This is one of the big holes in dish's products right now.

You can get video and internet.

With dish it is still primarily a video product.

Will this help them compete with other cable and telecom companies?

A little bit.

Some of the markets are rural areas that don't have cable infrastructure, don't have a lot of fixed line infrastructure.

It's a good way to offer for those folks.

In areas where they have cable broadband or broadband through their phone provider, it's going to be harder to compete with those guys.

Unless you're going to price it in a more cheap or competitive way, it's going to be a harder market for them to break into.

The biggest plans for wireless strategy is to try to offer a mobile smart phone service where you can offer both, internet and phone and your video all at once.

The people who are dish customers, what does this mean for their wireless?

What will change?

If you are already a dish customer and you are in those rural areas of virginia where they will start offering it, you could get your internet and video.

That certainly is more convenient for them.

For most dish customers, it's not going after the full lot of dish customers right now.

If it is a successful run in virginia, they may try to roll it out into other markets and have other offerings.

How does this relate to spectrum battle for dish has been fighting?

-- battles dish has been fighting?

They paid $2 billion plus for spectrum.

They want and need more to fully build it out.

If they're going to offer the mobile service, they need to find a partner or build infrastructure, which is really expensive.

They are lobbying the ftc like, we are waiting for you to auction off more spectrum, more airwaves.

They said, we will guarantee that we will police pay this much, $1.5 billion -- pay this much, $1.5 billion for the spectrum here.

I have to get a lot of approval from u.s. regulators of how much

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