Dish, Disney Working on Extending Contract

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Sept. 30 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman reports the latest on the negotiations between Dish Network and Disney over its programming. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

And a lot away this story has very similar themes to what we saw in the battle between cbs and time warner cable.

We know that one took a long time to get done.

Disney is a content player that wants to be paid what it feels is the proper amount through their programming through transition fees.

They are getting more money on the providers are at in the case of cbs, it is a case about network and showtime.

Some of the disney channels and espn.

We will see.

On the dish side of it, you are talking about a player that is frustrated with content especially at a time with lot more consumer choice.

This makes it more competitive.

One of the differences is that unlike time warner cable weekend scion has been is it a one trick pony?

He has been very outspoken with his a lot -- reluctance to pay for programming.

How does he factor in?

He is not afraid to make a statement.

He does not mind taking a gamble.

I think some of his recent comments have been raising this issue of our people glued to sports?

There is no bigger example out there than disney with espn.

Some have suggested that he might want to test those waters to see if you were not able to get a deal done for some of the strongest for content, would you see a bunch of customers leave?

Depending on how this all plays

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