Dish and Disney Working to Avoid Blackout

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Sept. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Dish and Disney are negotiating to avoid the type of blackout that frustrated Time Warner Cable and CBS. Alex Sherman reports on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

A bloomberg reporter is joining us with more on this.

Is this fight going to get as ugly as we saw between cbs and time warner cable?

The early signals are no.

Both sides have said that things are proceeding well.

But it is early.

It's very easy to have good feelings this early on.

When we get closer to that september 30 deadline, if nothing is done, we will have a better read on exactly what the situation is.

I would say things look ok, but there are potentially reasons that dish, strategically, might want to take a stand and draw line on disney, just like time warner cable may have done with cbs.

If you have a blackout right after the time warner/cbs blacked out, it may alert congress to the -- mail or congress that something is going on.

That is something that dish has said.

They want congress to look at the rules so that the cost of cable bills will not go up so quickly.

How can cable tv operators and satellite operators -- how come cable tv operators and satellite operators don't band gather?

-- don't band together?

The programming contracts are skewed -- are staggered.

There might not be a big contract for the next eight months.

It becomes difficult for them to do it as one unit.

Who has the leverage?

Is it is me with espn?

-- is it disney with espn?

If this decides they want to take a stand, they will be at risk of losing a lot of customers.

A lot of people watch espn, especially now that the football season has started.

This is not a good time to start these negotiations.

But they have said for years that, one day, there will be a pay tv provider that takes a stand and says no more sports.

He won't say if that is dish, but he has alluded to it.

Why not him?

Maybe this will be the time.

We will see.

There's another interesting live event going on that nbc will be hosting, "the million second quiz." they are trying to blend television, the broadcast side of things, adding in a digital component.

I get the sense that it is an affront to the cable channels , but also to netflix, hulu, amazon.

This idea of "the million second quiz," you want to blend digital with tv.

It starts tonight on prime time for one hour.

It runs 12 straight days.

It is around the clock online.

It is a generic quiz show.

Nbc wants to tap into the "who wants to be a millionaire?" thing that went on.

They won't have regis doing this.

Ryan seacrest is the host.

They want to tap into family programming.

The fall schedule is much more family oriented than previous seasons.

They have been known for "the office," "30 rock." shows that are edgy and funny, not exactly family-friendly.

They are coming back with a new schedule, headlined by "the michael j fox show." if they can get the families to tap-in, they hope the ratings will be higher.

And they are hoping to pump

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