Discovering Jeff Bezos’ Biological Father

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Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek's Brad Stone discusses his book "The Everything Store" and how he locted Jeff Bezos’ biological father. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)


When anybody changes the world like jeff bezos, you want to ask, where did he come from?

What drives him?

In telling the story of his childhood, i discovered that he did not know his biological father, the man who left his life and he was about three years old.

I went to look for him and i found him running a hike shop hairy kitten a unicycle rider.

He had lost touch with his family and did not know his son was a billionaire.

It was probably the surprise of his life.

So, in talking to him, did you see similarities between jeff bezos and this man?

Not really.

The biggest one was that he has or he had his famous laugh.

Now he has emphysema so it is not as obvious.

A startling similarity, it is an ev of secrecy that jeff bezos is norm for -- it is an idiosyncrasy that jeff bezos is known for.

I did alternately try to warn the family because his biological father, a very sweet, nice man, of course wanted to get in touch and there was some communication that, but i don't really know much about it.

With a figure like bezos, as successful as amazon is, just like steve jobs and his early childhood history or for that matter, barack obama or bill clinton, you wonder if this peculiar circumstance of his childhood yielded the relentless character that he has become.

You mentioned steve jobs, larry was also adopted as well.

You see some parallels.

There definitely are.

You get into matters of child psychology or sociologist.

As a business person i do not want to venture near.

He has a fierce intellect, he is demanding.

He wants amazon to succeed.

He wants to create a lasting company.

It is interesting that in some ways amazon business has not changed.

He is running the business the same way.

Back then, slim margins.

Nobody understood how big amazon could be.

He said that today.

He says, i am running the business for the long-term.

Margins are slim.

You have to live with it.

Now he has hit his marks over the course of so many years.

Amazon loses money annually.

He is one of those few ceo's that has earned so much trust as an incredible founder.

He has a lots of leeway and runway to build amazon and bring it into new businesses.

Dallas brad stone.

The book is on sale now.

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