DirecTV May Bid for Hulu, Guggenheim Digital Also

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July 9 (Bloomberg) -- DirecTV made a bid for the online video service Hulu LLC, as did Hollywood Reporter owner Guggenheim Digital and its partner, KKR & Co., people with knowledge of the situation said. Bloomberg's Alex Sherman speaks with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

There are four bids out there.

Cobid, at&t, kkr, for a stake in time warner.

For those actually own hulu, you have a combination of disney, 21st century fox, which used to be news corp., and then comcast/nbc.

These are a lot of names.

We have this whole circle heat that going on.

Why is everyone so interested in who -- hulu?

And provide them with an alternative, almost a hedge against their traditional business.

You look at those companies that have submitted a bid.

It is really a play on whether consumers continue to -- they call it cut the cord in the industry -- stop paying for subscription page -- cable service.

The idea is, hulu provides a cheaper way of watching tv than your cable.

So why when disney, 21st century fox, and comcast /nbc interested in giving this up?

Comcast has no say.

Disney has one vision of hulu, fox has another, and comcast is in a weird position because of rules when there were bought by nbc universal, they have no say.

They are a silent third partner.

So you have three media companies out there doing their own vision for hulu.

The general idea is that maybe one solo order would work out better for the future of hulu.

How quickly do think hulu's fate may be decided?

Maybe a week or two, but perhaps no deal would get done.

They're actually put on the block a couple of years ago but there were pulled off because there was no bit deemed worthy of selling the company.

We are hearing about in the million-dollar range or so.

The sense i get is that owners are more committed to selling this time around.

Odds are that it will be sold.

We should find out, whoever wins, we should find out in the next week or two.

Time warner cable has the safety bit in this because it is only looking for a stake in the company.

The other three owners would continue to hold some of hulu.

If the other bids are not deemed worthy, that could be the fallback tier.

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