DirecTV in Talks Seeking Deal for Sale to AT&T

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May 8 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Jeff McCracken examines a possible sale of DirecTV to AT&T and how it would impact the media landscape. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Direct tv and dish merging.

We are in an interesting time in the telecom -- cable -- internet space.

We are looking at comcast with time warner and then a big sale of assets to charter.

At the same time, we have reported masassan wants to connect with key mobile and we have this situation.

Charlieergun had reached out to directv and they had a conversation.

This shows that one deal can impact another deal or get a company thinking perhaps we should be thinking differently.

The previous thought that was going on is the focus should be on vodafone.

You can see at&t try to do something with that.

They wanted to declare their intentions and they have taken themselves out of the vodafone race for a few months.

The thought now is that maybe we should look at dish or direct tv.

So what happened with vodafone?

Why did they take themselves out of the running?

You either put up or shut up.

One story start to come up about at&t's interest, at&t needed to either enter into negotiations right away with vodafone or say we are not doing anything.

When you signal your not doing anything, you have six months until you can reengage with the company.

Those are u.k. takeover laws.

Exactly, it manages the process differently than the u.s. which is like the wild west here.

They decided they are not going to do that.

At least not for now.

Now they are looking -- the thinking is direct tv.

This is really a three-way dance between at&t, dish, and directv.

Dish holds appeal because it has a lot of spectrum that can be used to at&t. in some ways, at&t is landlocked.

They cannot go after sprint, the government would block that.

I cannot go after t mobile, the government blocked that so their options are limited.

They might have to look overseas.

If they want to get more into pay-tv, they've got to partner up either with direct tv or dish.

Why directv?

Someone said to me the problem with buying -- is charlie ergun comes with it.

He is somewhat of a difficult individual to deal with albeit brilliant harry put the company together but not necessarily someone you want to deal with.

Directv has stayed a little bit open to a possible merger.

Years ago when this was being talked about in 2010, we and others wrote stories and direct it was trading at 40 per share and had speculated.

Directv trades north of 80 per share.

It will be an infinitely more expensive deal.

You could argue they should have done this deal years ago.

The reason they held back i think is because they were not sure of the regulatory landscape and had their eyes on t-mobile i'll.

Now comcast seems to have gotten everyone thinking differently about the convergence of people and phone and internet.

This makes sense because all ofp these guysi want to get thepes.

They want to get that distribution.

Is this what it's all about for at&t is to get the pipes.

It is starting to view the lens through a national perspective and not just as a phone company.

Phone, internet, cable, tv is all coming together and you have so many more people.

We are probably all watching tv on our computer.

My kids watch tv on the computer now.

I would think at&t and other big companies are viewing the landscape differently.

From an at&t perspective, now is the time to move because verizon who could potentially compete is tied up paying down the vodafone deal him a $130 billion.

You're constantly looking at the competitor.

Thank you so much.

We have breaking news on the economy.

Jobless claims are just out a

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