Dimon Warns JPMorgan to Brace for More Legal Woes

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Sept. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Adam Johnson reports on today's top news headlines on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Today, j.p. morgan ceo jamie diamond told employees to prepare for more legal woes as the bank tries to comply with relations.

Jpmorgan will pay to close investigations into its record $6 billion london whale trading loss that happened last year.

Former new york stock exchange ceo john thane tells us that there is not enough transparency in the stock market.

He is now the ceo of a cit group also says that the economy is safer than it used to be.

Here he is speaking on "market makers." we are in a post-bubble period.

It tends to be safer.

Leverage is lower during a lending environment is more conservative.

We see economic growth but weak economic growth.

You don't see excesses right now in the system.

Influential hedge fund manager jim chain is remains negative on china and its banking system.

-- jim chanos remains negative on china and its banking system.

The real credit excesses are happening in china here in.

The u.s. went through its wringing out business.

The regulation politically is better than it was.

And i think we are coming out of the credit cycle.

Just ahead at 3 p.m. eastern, we will be talking about the

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