Dimon: JPM Prepares All Scenarios Amid Cancer Fight

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July 15 (Bloomberg) -- JPMorgan Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon plans to be involved running the bank at a less intense pace as he fights throat cancer and said that the company is prepared for “all scenarios.” Stephanie Ruhle reports on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Next leader of jpm, i am joined by stephanie ruhle.

He has been largely the face of jpmorgan.

Without a doubt.

But internally, he is a champion.

They stadnnd behind damon dimon.

-- jamie dimon.

He's been diagnosed with cancer.

He also chairman its eeoc.

- the chairman and ceo seat.

In the short term while he is being treated, it is not the best decision.

Over the next three months, it is likely we are going to see those two roles split.

What position will jamie take?

Gordon smith who runs the consumer and community bank.

And mary erdos who runs asset management.

Neither are running the investment bank.

It looks like mary and gordon are the likely candidates.

We have to take him at his word.

But also, i remember that in corporate america we have had other ceo's would have disclosed their cancer.

He's about to step down earlier than expected but he has been forthright about his treatment.

He has been able to turn around aig, weven while being treated.

Don't count jamie out.

No one is counting him out.

They had a strong quarter.

It is just a matter of making sure all of your ox are in a row.

-- your ducks are in a row.

Some would say they look externally.

Why would they look externally?

Look at the homegrown talent within jpmorgan.

He is a great lineup.

No one would think that anyone is gunning for the job.

It is making sure everyone that is running the businesses are the right people.

It seems that is the case.

It seems they do have a deep bench.

That has not changed.

He will continue to brief the public and the board on his health.

"countdown everyone is rooting for jamie dimon.

Thank you so much.

Moving and shaking this hour,

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