Diller on Aereo: We Expected to Get Sued

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July 10 (Bloomberg) -- Jon Erlichman reports on his conversation with IAC Chairman Barry Diller about the controversies surrounding Aereo. Erlichman speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Our correspondent jon erlichman caught up with him earlier.

I know you asked about aero, the online tv service he is continuing to back.

What did he tell you?

I spoke to him a year ago at this particular conference on the same day aero had enjoyed a key legal conference.

We know there have been plenty of victories to the point where it feels like everyone thing everyone wants to ask him about his -- areo.

This is not going to be an end to broadcasting as we know it.

This is simply an alternative for people who say they would like to have the all live television that broadcasters offer, but they do not want to spend $100 or $80 for cable or have never even been on cable.

I think it is a net plus, but it is understandable that the incumbents resisted, because incumbents always resist things.

I think it has been way overblown.

Is the reaction this year different than last year?

No, it is only more because it is just more out there, and also, we are expanding to 22 cities.

Every time we expand to a city, some new person sues us, so we expected that.

On the expansion, where do you think the biggest opportunity -- you were ambitious at this time last year, and you still are.

We really just started.

We will probably be in 20 cities by september or october or something like that.

I know you spoke about "newsweek," to o. what did he say about the potential sale?

He said it is a purchase they potentially should not have made.

The big question is whether or not there is a potential buyer for that business.

Here's what he had to say.

We have a lot of customers, so we will see, fairly soon.

It is interesting that twitter, jack dorsey is here.

Is there talk about the changing nature of the news business?

Oh, my god, everywhere and with everybody.

I've got to go.

I think that is a really interesting point.

You have seen so many new technology companies that in a lot of ways are shaking up the new traditional media but -- that in a lot of ways are shaking up the traditional media business.

All the information we are seeing a technology has forced traditional moguls to think about where they are going -- all the innovation we are seeing in technology have forced

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