Diller: Courts Say Aereo Is 'Perfectly Legal'

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Nov. 20 (Bloomberg) –- Expedia Chairman and Senior Executive Barry Diller discusses the legality of online streaming television service Aereo. He speaks at Bloomberg's The Year Ahead: 2014 conference at the Art Institute of Chicago. (Source: Bloomberg)

I want to quote from the reports.

You give me your comments.

The nfl is threatening to pull all its games of broadcast tv because of you.

They say, aereo -- hang on.

They say you are threatening the financial health of the nfl and major league baseball, who are both now suing you.

They are not suing us.

They're suing the company?


they are filing a brief in support of someone else's lawsuit.

It sounds to me like lawyers are involved.

It sounds like a lawsuit to me.

To going little bit further, they're going to take you all the way to the bloody supreme court.

If they can.

Of course they can.

They will not stop until they get you off their backs.

We have been to court three times so far.

Three times, district courts have said that what we do is perfectly legal.

We are 3-0. the question of whether the supreme court picks up a case is if there is controversy, meaning one court says this and another -- then they have to rule.

They may take it.

At worst, it is 50/day for -- 50/50. the chances of the nfl going of broadcast television -- the super bowl is not going to be on free broadcast television -- i want to see that.

They're just making noise.

They're not taking their programming of broadcast television networks.

They make a fortune.

The idea that they say it threatens their life, as if that fortune won't continue to be paid -- it was paid before there was a first dollar of retransmission consent, and he will be paid after retransmission consent has its last follower.

The one thing i'm continuingly curious about the nfl's, the broadcast networks, is they never say who actually is paying.

It's the consumer that is paying.

I have not heard one statement of them in all of this where they say, we do understand.

We are now a pricey game.

You don't love lawyers.

We are going to be right back

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