Digging Into Obamacare’s Technical Troubles

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Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on the House Oversight Committee hearing on Obamacare. (Source: Bloomberg)


It was sold to an art dealer.

The white house headache of the moment, the health care exchange rollout.

Five technology officers testified on capitol hill.

Megan hughes has the story.

The hearing is focused on i.t. oversight of healthcare.gov.

Is the first time we have heard from todd park, chief technology officer for the white house.

He is leading the tech surge to fix the site.

He says progress is being made but he was not aware of the problems on october 1. the information we had at the time was that cms had designed a system for 60,000 concurrent users.

Right now, based on what i know now, the system is currently capable of handling -- the system has been comfortable handling, at present, about 25,000 concurrent users.

Another witness, henry chao , a technical officer at cms who oversaw the rollout.

He said blame for the decision to turn off the browsing feature before the site launched.

The cms report that said this is september before the launch, the test had been passed successfully on the shopper.

You testified it was not, that's why it was turned off.

Chao was questioned for nine hours behind closed doors before

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