Did Wal-Mart Choose Wisely for Its New CEO?

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Nov. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Gilbert Harrison, founder & chairman at Financo and Bloomberg Industries senior retail analyst Poonam Goyal discuss the background and experience of Doug McMillon as the next chief executive officer at Wal-Mart and the impact on the company’s international growth. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Mcmillon versus the man he was up against?

They were great picks.

I know bill simon better than i know doug, but that has been with the company since 1984. it is 22 years he has been with the company.

He started as a summer associate at walmart.

He is young, 42, vibrant.

It is going to be exciting to you what he does in terms of taking wal-mart to the next stage.

He has worked in food, apparel, general merchandise.

He has had all of these different positions which suits him very nicely.

Let's have both of you bring some ideas to the idea that walmart needs to progress to the next level.

Gilbert, what is it?

I think the international threat is one of the major things.

They cannot buy anything in the united states today because of the international -- because of some of the monopoly problems.

They are growing around the world.

Doug is particularly suited because he spent time in china.

He is a member of the u.s. china business council.

That should be a huge growth for the company going forward.

What does he do to make walmart a bigger player, internationally?

He has grown international business from less than 25% of walmart sales to down 28%. clearly the international business is doing well.

Where else does it need to go?

I think beyond opening stores, the focus on online will be huge, both internationally and in the u.s. have you grow the online business without cannibalizing the bricks and mortar business?

Walmart has so much invested in what i would call traditional retail.

You do not have a choice.

If you want to play in the competitive landscape, you have to be online.

There is room for both in the world we see it today.

Wal-mart certainly has a distinctive edge.

You can buy online and return to the store.

They have stores all over the country and all over the world.

That is a user advantage.

Given that walmart is so big outside the united states and amazon is not, does that represent an online opportunity?


Amazon is dominant in the u.s., internationally having the distribution centers gives them the ability to meet the needs of consumers.

Does doug mcmillon understand e-commerce enough to lead this transition to mobile shopping to compete with the amazons of the world?

I don't think anybody truly understands the mobile business the way that you should.

It is constantly changing.

He will learn.

Everybody will learn.

It will be a great experience.

You have to take into account that mobile shopping is growing at an unbelievable rate.

It will continue to grow.

The world is going to live with this constantly.

What about sam's club?

Before he took over the international business, he ran sam's club.

Is that a model that walmart could export to other parts of the world?


The wholesale club model is the model where you buy in bulk.

In emerging market countries, you do not buy them all.

As the economy of alstom -- in emerging market countries, you do not buy in bulk.

As the economy evolves --. you mentioned that you know bill better than mcmillan.

G for example, -- ge for example, the other candidates left to go somewhere else.

Will that help into bill simon?

You do not know.

You do not know what the loyalties are.

Bill simon is a capable person.

He may be happy staying where he is.

He is older than doug.

I am sure he has a huge stock position in the company.

How many retailers could conceivably go after him?

Could he be a successor to mike allman?

Who knows?

He may be older than mcmillan, but he is not all that the age of just 53. not at all.

He is a great retailer.

When i look at the retail companies out there, that could possibly pursue him, that would be my number one thought if he were to leave walmart.

Gilbert, thank you very much to talk -- for taking a few

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