Did Twitter Inadvertently Reveal IPO Date?

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Oct. 10 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Ari Levy discusses Twitter possibly going public on November 15th. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

We will cover this at 4:45 p.m. it has been one of the big mysteries since twitter filed for an ipo but now we may know when the company will start trading and the news may have been inadvertently disclosed by twitter it separate circle your calendars for friday, november 15. that could be the big day after twitter is updated s-1 shows that some employees can start selling stock on february 15. this could happen on november 15. we now have just 15 days until twitter can begin its roadshow under secrules.

Let's bring inari levy.

Date but this in the s-1 that employees can start selling shares on february 15. does this mean the ipo will happen on november 15? the report was put out and their case is that that's what twitter was indicating is the idea would be happening november 15. a small set of shareholders could sell their shares.

The date can change.

There is no reason between the lawyers and the bankers and the company and the investors they cannot say the market does not look great so we will push the date back or pull it forward.

This is not set in stone.

This was a mistake, wasn't it?

They don't normally put the information in this filing this early?

It is hard for us to know without having talked to the people who drafted the s-1. you don't have other dates in there which is curious and that would lead you to believe they did it on purpose.

They talk about 180 day lockup and that would be for the biggest investors and the executives and the board members.

It does not say when that 180 day period is so that would lead you to believe that perhaps this was left in there by mistake.

We know they can start their roadshow 21 days after the filing goes public and we are now several days into that.

That would put us at the last week of october.

Yes, you figure a two-week roadshow and after that you begin trading.

If all things go as we think they are planned and who knows what happens with the government shut down and the debt ceiling, if everything goes as we see with spaced on the numbers, we would be looking at mid november.

Could the shutdown change the timing?

That is the wildcard.

Nobody seems to have an answer because it is not just the the shutdown, it's the debt ceiling.

If the markets crater from here, it's hard to imagine that the people behind the scenes at twitter would say that's a great time to go out.

You don't want to go out in a situation where no one is buying stock.

Is there a danger that this gets pushed to next year because you get too close to the holidays?

It would be a less severe scenario for them to push the ipo out today cheered them to go out in a situation -- to push the ipo out next year than to go out in a situation like this.

They can operate partly fine as a company but it is harder to do that when you're stock is getting punished.

Is there any sense that the twitter ceo's exchange and not having a woman on the board and that criticism cause a snag and things?

I would say that is unlikely.

There are plenty of issues that companies face when they go

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