Did the Selloff Scare Off Potential IPOs?

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April 11 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Leslie Picker reports on the state of the IPO market and how the recent selloffs will impact potential IPOs. She speaks to Emily Chang and Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

They have filed for ipos.

Bloomberg news, joining us now from new york, what is your sense?

Is the selloff going to continue?

It depends on what investors are thinking in terms of these ipos.

In terms of what it will do to impact the market.

The nasdaq was skyrocketing.

Investors were looking to the ipos as a way to outperform.

Now they are going to be pickier about what ipos they will invest in.

I wonder about these giant ipos that are out there.

There is this huge sound of ali baba coming down the market.

I wonder if that can get done in a week market.

We reported that alibaba can file as soon as this month.

We could expect to see their initial filing.

They most likely will wait before pricing.

They do accord themselves some time to allow markets to recover . it could be beneficial, aside from pricing which may be difficult.

It could help them in terms of beating first-quarter earnings.

And then, rising from there in terms of stock price.

Lex how likely is it for companies to change their timeline, the schedule they have had planned?

When twitter went public, in the middle of the government shut down.

It ended when twitter came out of the gate.

There was speculation, is twitter going to change its schedule.

They didn't. it has to do with what they need the funds for.

If they need them immediately, they're going to push to get the deal done.

I heard that for several companies.

Despite the selloff we are seeing they are going to push the deal.

If you can afford the time you will way.

You can push your deal out.

You can see if the market settles and then go out when it is,. i talk to folks, the deal is still planning to go ahead.

Maybe as early as next week.

Companies where they are spending more on marketing than they have on revenue, they don't have a long momentum.

They might need to go out in other markets.

They are going to be pickier.

We are going to be cheesier than they listen to these companies pitch stories and business models.

These investors are not going to be counting on the momentum like they did a couple of years ago when the markets were strong.

It is going to be difficult.

What is going to happen on monday?

Read the tea leaves for us.

Monday is passover.

A lot of wall street will be off.

We have a couple of companies on top.

We have mollis pricing on tuesday.

We have sabr.

Plenty of news on tap.

Companies -- it doesn't seem to be slowing

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