Cupcake Bubble Bursting? Crumbs Closing Every Store

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July 8 (Bloomberg) -- Bank of America Merrill Lynch Senior U.S. Economist Michelle Meyer discusses the cupcake bubble on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Have done, there is so much competition.

There is crumbs, baked by melissa, i know he a bakery in bloomingdale's, sprinkles.

When was the last time you had a five dollar cupcake?

We go to bank of america authority on cupcakes michelle meyer.

This is a disease, isn't it?

They got popular very quickly.

They are so easy to pop in your mouth.

Crumbs -- they are big cupcakes.

They are too big.

Who wants to pay eight dollars for a cupcake?

Eight dollars?

All these cupcakes are expensive because you buy the brand, the look of it.

We could not have this conversation with ethan harris.

He could have views on cupcakes.

I never understood the whole cupcake thing.

I think it is kind of stupid.

Well, explain it here it what is so good about a cupcake?

A remind you of birthdays in second grade.

You kind of want a candle coming out of it.

I wonder if it is going to go along like the hamburger bubble.

There are hamburger joints everywhere.

I understood the other day that one of those juices that we did costs -- there is a juice craze great is it a juice bubble?

Neil irwin, if you are watching "surveillance," your next bubble article can be on juices and cupcakes.

There you go, folks, with our attrition will supplement.

Is there a bubble in -- known oncoming up we will be talking about sam.

A big disappointment.

They are not selling as many of those oversized phones as thought.

We are glad you are with us on bloomberg "surveillance." we are also on and streaming on every device imaginable.


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