Did Newsweek Uncover the Wrong Bitcoin Founder?

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March 7 (Bloomberg) -- Author of Newsweek’s “The Face of Bitcoin” Leah McGrath discusses Dorian S. Nakamoto who was identified by Newsweek magazine as Bitcoin’s creator. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

We are joined again by the author of the "newsweek" he's, the face of bitcoin.

A lot of controversy surrounding this piece.


nakomoto, dorian nakomoto is denying that he actually is the founder and creator of bitcoin.

Your piece says he is.

Tell us what went into the reporting here.

How long did you spend on this, how much time did it take you to try to track down this man?

It was two months of excessively going through all kinds of information and mainly starting with all the candidates.

Taking into account there could be a cipher.

They could be a pseudonym.

I did not think it could be someone named satoshi nakomoto.

I saw a lot of people who said, what if it is.

That was not my first feeling on it.

It was only after going through all the satoshi nakomotos -- it lead you to someone on the west coast.


At first i do not look at him as a good candidate.

There was very little information on him and it was only as other things came up like the call from the brother talking about -- that he was involved in coding and programming -- what did he do to quote un quote create bitcoin?

Write code?

His whole background according to those closest to him was that which would inform the sort of coding that would be required for bitcoin.

There are 10,000 people that are described by what you said.

What are the attributes he displayed that lead you to connect the dots that he invented bitcoin?

His career history.

If 10,000 people fit all the attributes we looked at, i like to talk to those people because i did not find there were 10,000 people.

I'm thinking that if you do this, there have to be a group of people around him that where aware he was doing it at the time, right?

Apparently not.

You amassed all this research , your evidence.

Did you present it to him?

Did he have a chance to deny or confirm it?

I spoke with him when i saw him and i reached out to him several times by e-mail and by phone.

Unfortunately he fell silent when i broached the topic.

How did you reach him via e-mail?

Was it the one that is publicly available on bitcoin?


i did reach out.

With the identification of this guy -- the upper as we go throughout the weekend, where would you like this debate to be monday morning?

I love the phrase, a white bronco moment.

It was a frenzy that this led to.

Where will we be monday morning?

I hope i'm not getting beaten to death.

Where do you want the story to be monday?

I would like everyone to continue looking at all of this and i would like to forensic research -- which was publicly available -- i'm happy for people to continue to look at it, comment on it.

I'm hoping for more.

This is very important.

Does forensic research show this gentleman was a party to early bitcoin or quote unquote invented bitcoin?


Does forensic research point to that?

You cannot change your question halfway.

I would like this debate to continue.

It's really important we continue to talk about what these details are.

Our forensic research led to him.

We cannot find any reason to not continue asking this man if he is the man.

If we can say he's not -- there's a lot of dispute in the community.

There's also a lot of questions in the journalism community.

Today bloomberg tv sat down with tina brown, the former editor of "newsweek." we asked her what happened, if they had gotten the identity of mr.

Nakomoto wrong.

Here's what she had to say.

That would be rough.

I'm so glad i'm not the editor.

[laughter] she's glad she's not the editor right now.

Will this help or hurt your career?

I find her comments not to be very friendly to "newsweek." i have a problem with the way she spoke about it.

There's a back story to that and she knows there is one.


brown was briefed on the story before it was released to the public?

Of course not.

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