Did Airport Security Drop the Ball In Malaysia?

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March 9 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Haslinda Amin reports the latest on the search efforts for the missing Malaysia Air flight 370. She speaks to Mia Saini on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Flight continues.

Haslinda amin is on the ground in quality am poor with the latest, and stephen engle is also live for us from beijing with the latest from the families affected.

We will start with hostile in the -- haslinda.

Flight 370 was heading from kuala lumpur to beijing.

We understand there were over 200 people on board.

Walk our viewers through where we are right now.

48 hours, and still no sign of the aircraft.

That is what the malaysian transport minister is saying.

We know that the vietnamese researchers have found debris, believed to be a fragment of the aircraft window, but there has been no confirmation whether it is from 370. and you talked about the oil slick discovered.

Still, no confirmation that it is from the missing aircraft.

It has been frustrating for searchers.

More than six nations have joined in, including indonesia, thailand, singapore, the u.s., and they have contributed ships for the search, and it has been expanded to 15 not all miles of from 20. now, there has been some discrepancy.

It was said that the plane disappeared 2.5 hours after takeoff, but latest reports indicate it could have been about one hour after.

This is crucial, because it points to the location of where the plane went missing and where search efforts should be concentrated on, whether it is in vietnamese territory or still in malaysian soil.

As of this time, there is no clear indication, but the search continues.

More questions than answers.

We understand two passengers boarded the flight using stolen passports.

How could something like that happen in this day and age?

Well, that is the question being asked.

Two passports confirmed to be fake passports, but the latest is that four passports are being investigated.

Now, the two passports along to an italian and austrian, both passports lost in thailand about one point five years ago.

Now, into poll has come up with a strong criticism.

It said the airline should have done proper checks.

Lost and missing passports, they could have checked before boarding their passengers on flight 370, and they believe that was not done, so the question comes into play.

The question being asked right now is the security at the airport or the airline, if it has been lax.

I have not been to the airport in about five years time, so what are the security procedures like there now?

Well, procedures are in place.

To be sure, this is a high-tech airport.

It has biometric fingerprinting, the same kinds of systems you see when you travel through singapore or even travel through the u.s. the question is whether the procedures were followed.

Coming into malaysia just last night, i went through the whole system, but even though there was a biometric fingerprinting system in place, it was not used.

I was not asked any questions

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