Dick Parsons: Clippers Could Become America's Team

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July 29 (Bloomberg) -- Richard Parsons, interim CEO of the Los Angeles Clippers, discusses the latest developments in the fight over ownership of the team with Trish Regan on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Pretty happy with that.

How do you build going forward?

I imagine you been communicating with sponsors.

Fans are thrilled but how do you rebuild a team that's been through all of this?

It's never easy to put the kind of talent on the court that you need to be winners.

We got a really big jump on it.

There's no question that this team came together behind doc.

He stood up.

He was the man.

He was somebody who led when leadership was needed.

We have all the guys coming back of our the heart and soul of the clippers.

We got a good grab digging up at kid named wilcox and a few free agents who signed on.

The team actually will be a stronger, more united behind doc.

I think the staff is thrilled to see an owner like steve ballmer who will invest in this team coming on board.

I think the fans are going to be not only excited but surprised i the product we put on the court.

This is one of those, resilience is always the key of success.

Evil will see the resilience of the clippers.

They will make some noise this year.

It's a good story for people in the community to get enthused about.

This is an american sport.

I've said it before.

This team has the potential to become america's team because of the way they went through this firestorm, the way they hung together, the way they will come out of the corner when the season starts.

Likes it's not easy going to a game or going to practice when

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