Dialing the Stars to Drive Mobile Traffic

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Dec. 9 (Bloomberg) –- Zoove CEO Joe Gillespie discusses how his company partners with the NFL, NHL and others drive mobile traffic. He speaks with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The ceo, joe gillespie.

Explain how it works.

We are providers.

You call any brand, nfl.

A simple phone call, we can deliver any mobile experience for 290 million consumers.

You already lost me.

What is mobile experience?

Anything from a coupon to a video to a landing page to an out.

The nfl, would you call, drew brees answer the phone.

It navigates you to the landing page.

One clip you are downloading the nfl out.

That is cool.

You actually have a drew brees manning a call center or is it recorded?

Is recorded.

She looked great yesterday.

It is interesting the notion of fans getting closer to things they love.

The whole notion of wearing a drew brees jersey says something about the connection of people make.

Is it working in mobile was mark -- mobile?

It is.

It is a phone call and there's a voice.

Brands love taking you celebrities as a part of the user experience.

The bigger issue is that we are solving for it on my activation.

In a simple way.

Everybody knows how to make a phone call.

Nothing to download or scan.

We are managing the most disturbing out in the world was the dial pad.

You can call followed by any brand.

It is a very powerful and large go to market distribution.

It sounds like a platform like whether you are creating a whole new way for the brand to go straight to the consumer.

They are using and between like a billboard or old-fashioned technology like twitter.


I don't know if twitter is so old-fashioned.

We working there as well.

We are about on my activation.

Yours a lot of events especially on tv and radio.

We have the guest local radio.


Last week, the downloaded the mobile app.

What do brands love about us is it is an opportunity for them to engage via the other remote control that consumers always have in their possession which is a mobile phone.

Really interesting using the different ever structure.

With the infrastructure behind it -- what is infrastructure behind it?

We are a platform.

Thank you.

You are welcome.

Rip is the -- our ip is the fs 7. it routes to our platform.

We recognize for key will stop the carrots, the phone number, the make and model thomas and the location data.

The of harvested all of the ideas.

-- we have harvested all of the ids.

Put another way, if somebody calls, i can send them a a boston cream pie.

Really interesting stuff.

Bottom line, apple technology we talked about does not track location.

You have a cool new app.

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