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July 22 (Bloomberg) -- Intel Senior Vice President Diane Bryant discusses bringing innovation back to data centers with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Really well in this business while other businesses have struggled.

What is the key to maintaining and growing share in this growing business?

You look at it fundamentally, you're right, the data center business is growing tremendously.

It's sealed by two fundamental things.

Billions and billions connected devices, we are buying more and more devices and connecting to the internet.

They go to a data center to access content and machine devices, the internet of things, billions of machine to machine devices that also connect back to the internet.

So what we see is tremendous growth in services that are being deployed to consumers or to businesses, taking advantage of all of those devices to reach you and that in turn drives tremendous cloud buildout or data center buildout.

When people criticize intel for not having a mobile strategy, it's true that mobile stuff hasn't gone the way that they wanted, but the data center business has been strong.

In terms of computing, how far out do you imagine the ways that data center computing will imagine or is it someone agnostic as to speed and power?

No, it absolutely is very targeted.

You make a good point, you're running a data center at scale, if you're a amazon or yahoo!

Or ibeh, your data center is your business and so you have to run it at incredible levels of efficiency.

It's all about how can i get the maximum performance at the lowest cost of operation.

It wouldn't matter what the usage is, it's any usage, you want more?

It's very targeted on workload.

A web search workload will have a very different model for efficiency than some big data analytic solution which is very computing intensive, a different attribute.

If you're running a cloud, look at each one of your applications and i want the very best technology for each and every one of those to get the maximum result out of my data center.

Margins have come down a little bit over the last, call it six quarters, eight quarters or so.

Is that a strategy or is that just about uptake of new systems?

The margins in the data centers have held very well.

The last quarter, they were slightly down due to underutilization of the factories overall.

We continue to see wonderful margins.

My last question, as you build out these future usages, would you get to a point where you need different kinds of chips for different kinds of usages?

You mentioned sort of computing versus loading web pages, completely different.

Do you figure out certain things that are going to matter most?

Yes, in fact, we just noticed additional details on some of our future products that are targeted at some of the emerging workload.

We see our product portfolio growing tremendously.

We ship microprocessors, some of them custom for a given customer's workload.

A wide, wide range and we have 93% of the servers run on intel and for storage and networking.

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