Deutsche Bank Quarterly Profit Falls 29%

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July 29 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Mark Barton, Ryan Chilcote and Caroline Hyde report second-quarter earnings for Europe’s biggest investment bank on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)


The second-quarter profits are falling and the reason why the company paid more in tax and not interest income.

It declined.

Net income fell.

That is below the estimates.

Analysts of bloomberg.

This is a bank that raise money last quarter and is relying on fixed income operation.

Other banks are scaling back.

Deutsche bank is putting money into fixed income and helping market share revenue.

Debt and foreign exchange was not changed.

That did beat something.

It is unchanged.

Is it paying off investing in fixed income?

We want to see how corporate banks are doing.

It is interesting to see if litigation is still a cloud hanging out over investment banks.

Litigation is on the back of that and all of this keeps coming out.

It is interesting the feedback that we are getting.

The litigation costs that we are seeing and lloyds bank had to pay up in terms of manipulating libor and key interest rates.

We had the bank of england chief say that this is reprehensible because it has been bailed out to a large degree.

They were not putting it up in the way that they should.

There are actual litigation costs and they are unpredictable.

It may be going ahead.

It continues and they say that they have 2 billion euros in the coffers to cover reserves.

Litigation is unpredictable.

That something to watch.

They armitage leading currency markets.

-- they are manipulating currency markets.

Deutsche bank missed estimates

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