Despite Headwinds Greentech is Growing: Pallavicini

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Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Sigieri Diaz Pallavicini, CEO of Greentech Energy Systems, discusses headwinds for the European renewable energy market and Greentech’s forward guidance. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.”

The quarter, but you're sticking to your forecast.

Why the lower earnings.

Is there something that worries you?

Despite headwinds, i would say that our numbers -- we are growing at double digits.

All economic indicators and over the nine months is out and we had 12% increase in revenue.

We had 23% on -- increases.

We have increases to almost 17%. the lower revenues -- european prices of revenue is going lower.

Talk to me about the acquisition strategy for the company.

You have been inquisitive and he passed.

Are you still in an acquisitive -- in and acquisitive mood?

We have to arrive very fast and try to target to store capacity.

We are starting many opportunities.

We prefer -- in the european region.

Or to expand more in latin america or asia.

I was going to ask you about acquisitions.

In what markets?

You mentioned to their new markets as european nations spend a less.

You mentioned asia and latin america.

Are you there any -- are there any specific countries where you are close to buying something?

We like mexico.

We are looking closely at chile.

South america is very interesting.

I think thailand is a very good market.

China is very difficult for us to penetrate.

The growth is there.

Within the next two years, the secretary gentle -- the secretary-general has -- climate change.

It will be based on energy efficiency and renewables.

Thank you for that.

He is the chief executive officer of greentech.

For those listening on bloomberg radio, bloomberg "the first word" is up next.

Will governor carney changes tune?

What does that mean for the u.k. economy?

We have the inflation report coming up.

We're going to talk to a man who used to write for the inflation report.

He is going to give us his take on where the data is likely to go.

He thinks inflation may pop in 2014. we're going to hear all of that from the governor.

The press conference starts at 10:30. john pharaoh -- jon ferro will

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