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June 19 (Bloomberg) -- Betaworks CEO John Borthwick discusses Apple’s direction under CEO Tim Cook on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

John borthwick, he is with beta works.

You will notice a newer and different apple computer.

Come 2015 we will know a more open company.

John, i thought your note on this was absolutely brilliant.

This is a different apple.

Guys like you are tech specialists.

Explain to me why this is a different apple.

A couple weeks ago you had the wwdc -- code guys in the room.

It was a pretty transformative event in that what you saw emerging from it is a whole set of services, products, operating systems, was to put only on the phone, but he started to see the desktop for the together in a phone.

-- you started to see the desktop threaded together in a phone.

I see a new apple emerging, and it is really tim cook's apple.

What is the distinction versus steve jobs's apple?

Maybe steve jobs' last stroke of genius was in summary at the helm who instead of being material -- mercurial, tim cook is threading together all the pieces of the organization.

Ios, the mobile platform and the desktop platform come together and use it to cloud-based services come together.

You see a different type of company, a technology company.

They bought some -- beats with that h -- help me, dr.




You can see this strength across media and music and all the different components.

One component that is open for them is a social.

Should they buy twitter?

I think twitter is doing an incredible job with starting to assert itself as an independent company.

They have a lot to do in 2014 and if they don't do it, they belong with apple.

Apple, not google -- that is a huge debate.

At the design level, social dna, neither google nor apple have a lot of that.

We need to spend some time on

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