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April 7 (Bloomberg) –- Rackspace Managing Director, Asia Pacific Ajit Melarkode and Accenture Managing Director and Technology Strategy Lead, APAC Jouni Hakanen discuss cloud computing, what its used for and why its so important to businesses with Mia Saini on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move Asia.” (Source: Bloomberg)

I have two experts.

What exactly is the biggest confusion when it comes to cloud computing?

I think a lot of people see it as a buzzword.

What is this can't computing, eckstein in simple terms to us.

The way i put it is cloud is probably the last thing to come to the i.t. industry which exists in other industries.

When you go to a restaurant, you don't buy every meal in the restaurant.

You buy for computing resources when you use them and pay for what you use.

Your role as a consultant is to help companies go from being disrupted to the disrupter itself.

What role does cloud computing play in that?

Cloud computing plays a major role.

It enables companies to move towards a new business models, even deploy new types of services to their businesses and clients.

In china last year, mobile payments increased by 200%. talk to us about the growth industry.

Every country will need to do business in the future.

Cloud enables the storage of the data and also the storage of the surrounding infrastructure to providing the contacts of services.

It is really vital to become a digital business.

If you are not on the cloud, are you really going to suffer?

What year will you say, if you are not on the cloud by x year, you're behind?

That is a question of when.

The finding the right cloud for the company services and the service they want to deploy is the key.

The three types, public, private, and hybrid.

From your point of view and the clients you serve, what is the most popular?

It depends on the user cases and country to country.

But i do see a common theme to it.

Often, people confuse it with being a cloud.

Public lot is for everyone but not everything.

I see a lot of companies now going from the immaturity may be using just public cloud to rapidly going to the hybrid cloud space.

And it is different by country.

If i go to a lot of places like china -- if i go to -- my biggest concern is going to be?

Is it safe?

How secure is the cloud?

It is pretty secure.

As secure as any technology that is out there.

Security is between the client and the company.

The technology certainly exists to make the cloud very, very secure but there are other processes that the vendor and the client are rigged -- are jointly responsible for.

You need to be compliant.

There is a lot of regulatory compliance.

And then the data security.

Data security is something that you need to define.

What type of data would you like to put on the cloud?

[indiscernible] they point really on the secure, we feel that the technology is developing year-by-year so the secured networks is becoming one of the key enablers of this on but then also the companies ramp up their internal security as well as the providers.

There are considerations on those two aspects.

But it should not stop the companies from really exploring that.

Often times, the cto is working closely with the cfo because this is a cost decision.

There are cost savings involved.

Describe what those cost savings are.

First of all, infrastructure is at the core business.

Somebody has to do it more efficiently.

That is the first one.

The cost benefits are also on the business side.

Customers would like to adapt to different services now.

Everything is moving towards the mobile.

Companies should for example [indiscernible] you would deploy the application on the consumer side.

You go to different websites and you have the iphone and you know where to go.

Enterprises are having these app stores.

A good example is like japan post.

They deploy 16 different applications.

They are different interest

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