Demand Spikes in Times of Unrest: AnchorFree CEO

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June 17 (Bloomberg) –- In today’s “Global Outlook,” AnchorFree CEO David Gorodyansky discuses the company's Hotspot Shield app that allows users to view blocked content. He speaks with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." Hain Celestial Group CEO Irwin Simon also comments. (Source: Bloomberg)

Time for today passes global outlook.

Al qaeda linked military group known for its ruthless attack -- tactics.

Claims could not be independently verified.

Now, iraq is reportedly blocking sites like face book and youtube and twitter to discourage insurgents from using them.

There are ways to get around the internet blocks.

At has been developed that allows users to view blocked content.

A huge jump in activity.

The ceo joins the right now from san francisco.

David, tell me how the anchor free system actually works.

It is available for mobile devices and computers.

Today, it is the world's is largest platform.

50 million people in 190 countries have downloaded the shield to stay in control of personal privacy online and gain access of all the information.

I'm curious with other uprisings such as what we saw in syria and libya, is this something you tended to witness a big bike in activity?


We witness this all the time during arab spring.

24 hours once the government of egypt censored access to facebook and twitter.

We saw a similar spike in the and venezuela this year a few months ago, when twitter -- we became the number one at -- app enabling access in turkey.

You want people to access information.

On the other hand, you has -- you have islamic militant to mobilize their aid you can understand why the government is trying to block access.

Here in the u.s., is this mostly abroad where you are seeing, users going on, or what are used a here in regards to users and new users?

Is there a certain demographic or age group or something going on?

We see privacy online is he coming a megatrend, very relevant in the u.s. thousands of people, hundreds of thousands of evil, every single day, in europe and the united states and asia, but huge growth rates in the united it's among people who want to control their privacy online area -- online.

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