How Delta’s SkyMiles Change Squeezes Your Flights

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Feb. 27 (Bloomberg) –- Editor-In-Chief & Founder Brian Kelly discusses the changes Delta made to the SkyMiles program basing rewards on the amount of the tickets instead of the miles flown. He speaks to Trish Regan and Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

I really like the sound of this.

I think matt does, too.

It makes any -- make sense.

He who pays more should get the bigger reward?

No caps on this is not a new concept for airlines.

Airlines have been reporting -- rewarding those with the 50% bonus for years now.

The $1000 flight for boston ma you could be getting a ton.

I think in general this is a cut for consumers, especially -- even if you are a business traveler, if you travel for leisure him a probably buying for leisure.

-- probably buying the cheapest tickets.

Even though the business travelers will get extra miles here and there --/ how much?

Delta said we are making big changes but will let you know at the end of the year.

My gut tells me they will also change the game when it comes time to redeeming miles, but we do not know.

Flight to london.

The maced -- delta has the least valued frequent flyer miles.

Pays for loyalty.

Even if you are in les miles on american, those may be less valuable.

Who is the best my old?

Which airlines do you pick-- who has the best miles?

Alaska airlines based in seattle has a ton of different partners.

We do not fly anywhere that we could use alaska airlines.

You can fly delta.

You can redeem them for first class on emirates.

Took a shower at 40,000 feet in the sky.

Lex i like that.

That is good.

Where does that leave the other airlines?

This is a really bold move for a major carrier.

I think united will wait and see.

I think there could be a ton of flyers.

Frequent fliers are not happy about the change.

I think american and u.s. are too busy with the merger.

Do not want to do anything to wrangle existing customers.

If delta gets away with this and profits continue to saor, they could get away with this.

Let me ask you about delta.

I fly a lot, and i have found a lot of different airlines.

I have had pretty good experiences on delta.

With the customer service.

I was quite late for a flight recently and if it was not for the goodwill of the people working at the desk, i probably would not have made it.

That i was shocked by.

Lex because that never happens.

That is the only time it has ever happened.

Look at twitter.

Elta -- dletadelta is the best on the customer service.

I actually think they're pretty good.

United brings up the rear.

I would say five years ago not the case but seems recently they have improved.

Overall people seem to have improved.

I think they are banking on that.

I think they are banking on again to the customer and scaling back the frequent flyer miles.

United the worst is what you're saying gekko g? miles wise they are pretty good.

All of these airlines are need to nickel and dime you.

They really have to a cousin is so hard to move up the price of a ticket.

People will balk at that instantly.

If they now charge you $100 for a bag and every glass of scotch is $10, then they make money.

Bik you do not have to check the bag.


Always important to look at the big victor.

Southwest still get free checked bags.

Calculate that into the cost.

Skis do not fit in the carry-on.

Got you there.

Barrett is the leader in fees and proud of it.

Did you see the advertisement and the wall street journal advertising that you could go to the mile high city of denver?

I thought you were going to say something completely different.

Combined with a shower on emirates.

Editor in chief and founder.

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