Dell, Silver Lake Said to Rule Out Raising Offer

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July 5 (Bloomberg) -- Michael Dell and Silver Lake Management LLC won’t sweeten their $24.4 billion offer to take Dell private, people with direct knowledge of the situation said. Bloomberg's Serena Saitto and Cristina Alesci report on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

In the late 1990's with his success.

Rickie fowler in the same way with his unusual -- i just learned recently that the orange attire that he wears from head to toe on sundays of interment, that sense from the fact that he is an oklahoma state graduate, and that is their colors at oklahoma state, but these guys alone have put these companies on the map.

Patrick, thank you so much.

Afterpatrick rishe on golf and clothing.

Michael dell, the founder, former ceo of dell, and silver lake management are not planning to sweeten their offer to take a dell private.

Bloomberg broke the story.

She joins us now, along with our deals reporter cristina alesci, who is hard at work.

First off, why aren't they boosting an offer you go?

Because they think the offer on the table is fair, and it is already offering a significant amount compared to where the stock would trade if the deal falls apart.

Silver lake is happy to walk away from the deal with expenses for the deal.

Michael dell thing he could keep controlling the company and the long-term.

Which dynamic right now is the most crucial for mr.


-- mr.


His ownership, the amount of cash, share holder cash, keeping silver lake on board -- what is the most important thing this friday for michael dell?

Has major concern is the future of the company.

But also, i mean, his interest, right?

He thinks that he can keep control of the company in the long term, even if he loses the bid to take it private because there is no utter takeover offer on the table.

Icahn's proposal is only doable if icahn wins control of the board.

Shareholders of dell are voting july 18 whether they want the still or not.

-- this deal or not.

They can only vote on icahn's proposal if icahn gets control of the board.

Does this change the timeline in terms of how quickly we can see this resolved?

Not really.

What we are expecting is the iss, the advisory firm thomas to give an opinion, advice to shareholders on how to vote on july 18. they are inclined, my sources say, to vote against it.

If that is the case, the lbo will be voted down, and then it remains to be seen what happens afterwards.

The expectation is that the stock will tank, and then you have to go to the -- that is a key point, the stock will tank.

Cristina alesci with us , mergers and acquisitions reporter, how worn out is silver lake and glenn hutchings?

I was in dabbles in january, and glenn kept telling me he could not talk about it.

This is getting old for mr.


It certainly is getting old , tom.

The fact that it has been so drawn out has definitely played against the special committee and michael dell and silver lake.

They were hoping to get this wrapped up pretty soon.

From sources close to this situation, especially those that are familiar with the way carl icahn is thinking about this, he is very serious about his proposal, and he would like to see the company potentially be under his own control.

In some way, his ownership.

They want -- the delay has worked for a much to the benefit of carl icon.

-- carl icahn.

It is a dynamic story, cristina alesci, thank you so much.

Look for that story out on just coming up.

Wife dell shares are falling in the meantime, below $30 a share, $12.93. crushing the stock.

Serena single-handedly move the stock price.

The biggest reported sales that were less than expected coming up.


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