Dell Said to Face Mounting Odds Against Buyout

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July 3 (Bloomberg) -- The odds are mounting against Michael Dell’s $24.4 billion bid to take Dell private. Bloomberg's Serena Saitto reports on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Ahead of the july 18 vote, shareholders voting on whether to appeal -- approved the deal.

He is under pressure to increase the price.

I learned yesterday that the special comedy of the board has encouraged him to do so, and now he has a further reason to do that.

I have learned isf , the advisory firm, is inclined to tell shareholders to vote against it.

In its current form are you in its current form.

We don't know that for sure, but it appears inclined to do it.

Shareholders will vote against it, unless michael dell increases the price.

Or silverlake helps to increase the price free at what is their position?

That is the issue.

If isf recommends against the deal on the table, it is a real stain on the committees record.

They have gone out of their way to say that pushed michael dell and silverlake to the absolute break -- brink.

From michael dell standpoint, he got himself in bed with silverlake and now he is in a bind.

Even if he wants to increase the price, it could completely blow up silverlake's model.

It is going to put him in a bit of a difficult spot because he may end up losing a partner.

We're still not sure what the legal right silverlake has to walk away if this deal is renegotiated at a higher price.

We will have to see how that plays out.

Is there any chance that dell -- first of all, dell does not face the same constraints as silverlake area did he is inviting some of his own investors to join them here, but they're not under the same obligations that silverlake is.

Could he sweeten the bid himself?

Yes, he can use his own capital and he did that already.

We have learned from the proxy file a while back the board negotiated with him on silverlake six price increases before announcing the deal and the last one he rolled over his own shares of $13 36. the lbo is $13.65. i want to make sure that viewers understand and shareholders understand what is at stake for you and on july 18 shareholders are voting on the lbo.

The carl icahn proposal is not on the table that they.

You can get in on that only if the shareholders vote the lbo down and in a proxy fight, carl icahn wins control of the board.

But do you want to throw your lot in with carl icahn?

Carl icahn's role in this is keeping everyone honest.

When you have a deal -- i know this sounds funny, but when you have a deal, two parties privately negotiating with one another and the price of the asset goes up between signing and closing, there is a purchase price adjustment.

With michael dell and silverlake, cash on the balance sheet has been accruing.

There has been no adjustment.

Carl icahn is saying, there is still cash on the table and he is saying to put it -- give it to the shareholders.

Do you get the sense we will see movement somewhere?

Everything can change.

My person says there's not much chance for a price increase, but i feel there is always a chance.

Let's not forget, if he gets voted down, the stock will tank.

And not forget, the carl icahn has never said how he would turn her the company, who would run the company.

These are things for shareholders and iss to keep in mind.

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