Dell Delays Shereholder Vote on $24B Buyout Offer

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Cristina Alesci reports on Dell's rescheduled shareholder event which delayed a vote on the buyout proposal from founder Michael Dell. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Headquarters in round rock, texas.

What is one more week of fighting going to solve?

After a year of hard negotiating and watching a deal nearly fail, it's hard to believe that michael dell and silverlake are really going to do anything different in the next week or so.

Obviously, there are some shareholders still waiting to see some kind of an increase in the offer, hoping that may be the case for other shareholders.

However, they are holding out for something much more.

Make no mistake here -- michael dell is not trying to be nice and say he's going to help shareholders out.

He knows that two or three years down the road, he could probably sell this company for at least $25 a share.

That is his thought.

Clearly, there are some shareholders that want to participate in the upside that presumably michael dell and silverlake see in this deal.

Which big shareholders are lined up on what side?

We know dell/silver lake has 20% of shareholders, but it is not as a carl icon does not have any shareholders on his side.

One thing that is -- one thing that is encouraging to michael dell is that some might be changing their vote sometime soon.

We have already seen some slipping, which is important, obviously, but some very key shareholders are standing pat.

This is going to be a battle until the very bitter and -- end.

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