How This Man Made Billions Off Tequila and Hair Gel

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July 30 (Bloomberg) -- Patron Spirits Founder John Paul DeJoria explains to Tom Keene and Sara Eisen that in order to build a global brand you need to give back and make the world a better place on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

John paul dejoria is with us on this entrepreneurial still -- spirit.

Is it still there?


The message that has to get out is regardless of economic times, america still works.

One estimate ashwin roster member we started john paul mitchell systems in 1980. -- one must remember, we started john paul mitchell systems in 1980. prime interest, 17%. that is how we started.

With product development, some would say you struck lightning twice.

They do not even know about the house of blues ownership one million years ago.

How did you do it twice?

Everybody else would have coasted after paul mitchell.

There is a formula.

One, whatever your product or service is, it has to be so good you are not in the selling business.

You are in the reorder business.

That is what i did with patron tequila.

Then you maintain that quality throughout the time.

Also, we may be good marketers, but the quality of the product stands out.

Another thing to that our customers like, whether it is patron, or john paul, it is that we give back.

We take several amounts of our profits and make the world a better place to live because we are here.

That means a lot to our customers.

They're not just investing in a darn good product.

They are investing in people that change the product -- the planet.

They test their haircare product on -- tom has fleas and ticks.

You build a successful haircare company.

Tequila company, pet care company, diamonds company.

What is the common thread with all of these businesses?

They are fun.

They are exciting.

They are something i would like to get into because they have a good future.

They make a statement.

Over in diamonds, they are cruelty-free.

They are conflict-free diamonds.

Do you know where they are mind?

We do it through the kimberley method.

It is an organization in england that looks at where the conference and gives them their official stamp.

You are famous for going over and speaking with your customers, speaking with your distributors.

How do you work with technology with the landscape changing so rapidly rather than being swallowed up by it?

You asked me the right question could i do not to e- mail by choice.

-- right question.

I do not to e-mail by choice.

I would rather pick up the phone and call you or write you a letter and be more personal with you.

For me, if i had e-mail, i would be fully inundated.

Secretary gutierrez, do we need more john paulson washington?

I think the lesson is that there are very few categories that cannot be turned around.

I remember when tequila in mexico was like vodka and the soviet union.

It was a commodity.

I will make some news -- when did you first have tequila?

I was probably 18. [laughter] it was the kind of thing -- you would get brandy in scotch, but not people are drinking tequila and soda instead of scotch and soda.

It is remarkable.

Is your growth coming from people who are being introduced to tequila or does it continue with usage among folks?

Is a combination.

A lot of our customers are brand-new customers who said, my first experience was not that good, but this is is different.

A lot of others are people that tried it and liked it.

We are growing double digits.

John paul, switching gears, you are a greek immigrant, and you with cuban heritage.

There is ellis island in san francisco.

-- and san francisco could the secretary writes a letter saying the republican party, wake up.

What would you say to the republican party?

What i would say to everybody is, if it weren't for immigrants, i would not be here.

I am a first-generation american.

I'm all for letting people come into the mate -- into the nation.

Do it properly, with some regulations.

Give them the right way to do it.

That is what you say in your letter.

We need a legal system that works.

It is very important.

America works -- no disrespect -- if the government would step aside.

That is the theme of "bloomberg surveillance" today, with the president touting jobs with amazon.

You are the private sector.

You are the job.

What you need from washington?

Get out of our way.

I hire people not to be laid off.

I have never laid anybody off in any of my countries.

We give people a responsibility of two or three people, not just one.

The human being is so capable of doing so much, i have more fun, it is more exciting, and we never laid anybody off.

How many people do you employ?

It is in the thousands.

What should government do?

Get it out of the way could stop struggling businesses.

I have another one for you.

Let us help you run your business.

There are people there -- no disrespect to our president -- he has never run a lemonade stand.

He means well.

Let us business people get in there and show him how to do it.

You are inextricably rid -- entwined with the culture of california.

You could move to georgia tomorrow, and john paul story is still about california.

What does california need to do to keep that magic?

I have been living in austin, texas for 15 years.

We have our major business in california.

What they need to do is one, get out of people's way.

Let private industry take care of some of the things they are try to take care of, whether it is spending money foolishly.

Step back and let private business take it over.

I know i'm running out of time -- appellation, 150,000 families unemployed, on food stamps.

I went in there three years ago.

15,000 of them are eating out of their own gardens right now.

The goal is to go to 150,000. show people how to help themselves.

That is what we do.

We would love to do it with our administration.

Give us a chance.

Give us one dollar.

Save your money and get out of the way.

Let us help you.

You are all good guys, but let us help you.

We have hired people before.

We do not lay people off read -- off.

Thank you.

Thank you for patron.


secretary, thank you so much.

More importantly, do you approve of my hair?

You have beautiful hair.

I like the way you roll it.

You have no idea, folks.

Starting at 3:00 a.m. organizational obsession.

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