Deflating Income Trumping Inflation Worries

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Feb. 20 (Bloomberg) -- On today’s “Insight &Action,” Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson looks at the impact of slowing income growth and the lack of global inflation on Bloomberg Television’s “Lunch Money.”


Worried about inflation, do not be.

You should be worried about income.

We are just connecting a few of the dots in the past 24 hours.

Growth is hard to find.

Consumer prices rise only 1/10 of one percent.

Inflation is in the u.k.. manufacturing in china slips to a seven-month low.

Growth is hard to find.

If you think inflation is an issue, you should probably rethink that.

Here is another.. this came from a walmart earnings release.

Economic factors continuing to weigh on our outlook.

We now expect the lower end of the range.

This is coming from the world's number one retailer.

It is not inflation.

It is the opposite.

Rates will stay low for a long time.

We need to find income.

They're keeping rates low for a long time.

Get paid while you wait.

The high-yield.

A dividend of 5.98%. limited partnerships, the ticker for that, and look at this, the real estate investment trust.

This pays a dividend of 5.8%. pretty impressive.

We get paid while you wait.

Do not expect inflation anytime soon.

Thank you.

We will be "on the markets" again.

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