Debris May Belong to Missing Malaysian Airliner

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March 10 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Haslinda Amin reports the latest on the missing Malaysian Airliner as searcher recover a window fragment that might belong to plane. She speaks to Mia Saini on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Where are we right now in terms of the search?

Well, good morning.

They have found what is believed to be debris.

It is yet to be determined if it is believed to be a fragment of a window often aircraft.

It has yet to be confirmed whether this is from 370. authorities have yet to determine its origin.


There was an oil slick discovered.

No confirmation.

It has been frustrating over the last few days.

Little has been found.

There was no distress warning as well.

Investigators are grappling with what has happened.

The minister of malaysia came out to say there's still not a sign of the aircraft mh-370. the search has been extended to 15 nautical miles from an earlier 20 nautical miles.

There have been contradictory reports.

Initially it was said that the signal was lost about two hours after the takeoff.

Recent reports indicate it was just an hour after.

This is important.

It actually helped locate where the aircraft was lost.

Whether it is on the vietnamese soil over the watchers or whether it is still in malaysian territory.

-- water or whether it is still in malaysian territory.

There are still questions about the delay in which malaysian authorities it may know that the loss of the aircraft protocol suggests it has to be done immediately.

Malaysian authorities did about two hours after.

There are a lot of questions being asked.

This disappearance of the 370 has been drawn parallel to air france which was lost over the atlantic ocean in 2009. if you recall the incident, it was initially blamed on thunderstorms.

It was only two years later that it was discovered through the black ox that it was pilot error -- box that it was pilot error that led to the crash.

At this time, no indication as to what happened tomh270. more than six nations have joined in the search.

They're asking to join in the search.

Nothing so far at this point in time.

Still a lot of looming questions.

Two passengers boarded the flight using stolen passports.

Any new information?

Two stolen past words.

Reports indicating that at least four passports are being investigated at this time.

We spoke to the u.s. former chairman of the u.s. security department.

He indicated that these are red flags.

Although it is important to point out that right now there are no reasons to think that it was a terrorist attack.

That cannot be ruled out at this point in time.

To be sure, the two passports belonged to an austrian and an italian.

Boast passports were lost in thailand about 1.5 years ago.

Interpol has come out with a strong criticism.

It says it has a database of stolen and lost passports and international airlines usually check their database before boarding passengers.

There are questions why this was not done by malaysian airlines.

The prime minister of the country is -- has come not to say he will investigate.

He will tighten security if there is reason to do so at the airport.

On m y way into malaysia last night, it was pretty apparent.

It is a high-tech airport.

Cap biometric fingerprinting devices at every counter.

It was not used.

When it was first implemented, a couple of years ago i was a regular traveler to malaysia, it was not being used.

This is a high-tech airport.

Measures should have been in

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