Datsun Leads Nissan’s Emerging Markets Push With Go

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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Nissan said its new entry level Datsun brand hatchback will help attract young buyers looking for their first car in emerging markets including India. Adam Johnson reports on Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money." (Source: Bloomberg)

I'm adam johnson.

When nissan said they were reviving the dots and brand it raised a few eyebrows.

This is why.

You may remember this from your number days.

Now nissan is promising something new and improved.

Here is what he had to say at the launch in new delhi.

High-growth markets are asking for high-quality, top reliability products that will allow them to realize the dream of new car ownership.

We are responding to them with the return of datsun.

And there it is.

It measures a little over 12 ft.

Long and about 5 ft.


" we caught up with him on after the event.

This car market, which is already at 2.3 million cars per year should reach a minimum of four million in 2016 and then should be growing by 5% or 6% per year.

The slowdown that we are seeing now before us that he has a small parent is a small correction taking place in the market.

We believe in a much higher potential for the market.

That is why we have 10 new cars coming on to the nissan brand between now and 2016, and the new brand.

And we'll make sure that we have enough to contribute to this market.

And you leave considerable emphasis on a high-growth market.

What should we see from these on going ahead?

It is about china, india, brazil.

The it is about russia, but also indonesia, the southeast asia, north africa.

It is about africa.

We used to focus mainly on the united states, europe, japan.

Well, we added the brakes.

And now we are adding a lot of high-growth markets that are not part of the brakes.

Our strategy is to be everywhere.

Out -- we are a global brand.

We have to be present in the market and making sure we're making the cars that they want.

That is why datsun is coming back with a product that is tailored to the high-growth market.

We spent a lot of time analyzing what young rising indians want for a new car.

They want value, space, fuel efficiency.

The they want power.

And we put all of this and gave it a body.

That is why i am optimistic about the potential of this new brand.

And if it is successful in india, it will be successful in many high-growth markets in the world.

There they are.

The new datsun on the top, the old one on the bottom.

What do you think?

We want to hear from you.

From a car for the masses into a

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