Is Dan Loeb the Kanye West of Wall Street?

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Oct. 30 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Bill Cohan explains what he meas by calling Third Point CEO Dan Loeb the "Kanye West of Wall Street." Cohan speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

? what does that even mean?

First of all, it's a good kicker.

What it means is he should be satisfied with his status but he's thanks written and continually to satisfied it does strange things to boot, not unlike kanye.

Tons of each hedge fund superstars are extreme personalities.

Many of them are very private.

Are the people quoted here, could one say they are just jealous?

We are probably all envious or jealous of young, good- looking billionaire hedge fund guys who have $45 million apartments and $52 million yachts and g fives.

Who wouldn't like that lifestyle?

But aside from that, there's a bit of envy and jealousy, but there is a sense that this guy has some insecurities and does some strange things.

Either way, let's look at what he is all about.

This is a guy who constantly puts himself in the media by writing these tough letters to ceos all across the country to try to talk his book, so to speak.

Isn't that what all these guys do?

How is that any different from bill ackman?

Bill ackman is also an activist investor but a very different kind of activist investor.

For better or worse, he buys, he holds, he writes his letters and statements and puts worth his books, but he does not bail when he succeeds one way or the other.

He rides things down to the bottom or to the top to his detriment or benefit.

Dan loeb is a lot of things, but he's an expert trader.

So after he has made his money, he moves out quickly.

Herbalife, he said it was going to be a $68 stock and when it hit the mid 40s, he bailed.

Dan loeb and will -- and the lack men are peers and maybe enemies.

When we read about these two and their personalities come we often hear from bob chapman.

Who is bob chapman?

Bob is a very good friend of dan loeb's. i think they have since had a bit of a falling out.


You would have to ask bob.

He may be in the category of being somewhat envious of what can and has accomplished, envious of his investing skill, but also feels that dan has not given him the proper thanks and recognition he believes he deserves.

He feels like he shared with -- and he said so publicly -- he shared with dan the idea behind herbalife and the idea behind yahoo!

Dan has not been kind and generous to bob in return, but that's life in the big city.

Bob chapman is very happy doing what he does out in california, but he knows these guys, he's a hedge fund manager himself -- is bob chapman a hedge fund -- object men is on the record in both the bill ackman story i wrote and the dan loeb story, so you have to give him credit for that.

Is bob chapman a hedge fund manager?

Dan loeb and bob -- dan loeb and bill ackman our peers.

Bob chapman can hang out in

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