Daimler Drives S-Class Sedan to 12% Profit Increase

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July 23 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Hans Nichols examines second-quarter results for Daimler, as profit rose 12 percent on sales of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. He speaks on “The Pulse.”

That is right.

This is the big sid dan.

It looks like consumers are doing the numbers here on what the prophet is.

It is 2.4 6 billion euros.

That is north of $3 billion.

A remarkable number.

This is steve.

It widened.

The profit margin when up and it is under 10%. it is not the standard by any means.

It is the goal.

It is steady as she goes.

You look at where they are and the race to be number one and there is still 100,000 behind bmw.

The smaller one comes online later in the year and we may get a photo finish.

I am english.

A saloon car.

That sounds better than sedan.

The margin looks good.

It shows steady progress.


He has a plan and he is exit to being an.

Sometimes, we get surprises and there are concerns that something else is going on.

These are steady numbers.

Analysts say these are showing progress.

We had the smart car.

It is a small car and how excited they are about that.

That is an entry-level vehicle and you can move on to your saloon.

A saloon.

It makes me think of american cowboys in 1970. it is a great word.

Thank you very much.


Microsoft has reported results and it is dragging down the profit line.

All day, we have been taking a look at the giant and how the company is trying to get more use out of it.

In the world of video gaming, a motion sensing camera was a game-high thing changer.

The levels of interactions offered were earning an award and sales rose when the product was sold without the camera.

Microsoft is still investing

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