Cyber Monday Sales Soar to Record on Mobile Boost

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Dec. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Julie Hyman reports on holiday retail sales. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop. (Source: Bloomberg)

Doing their browsing on their mobile devices.

The overall numbers of 19% over last year -- that is according to ibm digital analytics.

Mobile traffic accounted for 30% of all online traffic for yesterday.

That is up more than 58% compared to the same keyword last year.

-- period last year.

The mobile buying patterns, people making about six percent of their purchases on their smartphones.

An average ticket of about $111. tablets, 10% of purchases, $128 average.

Traffic patterns, they are flipped a little bit.

People are doing more traffic on smartphones, but more actual buying on the tablets.

That is where you see the sort of conversion.

Who is benefiting from all of this?


Big spikes in traffic.

Not just yesterday, all through the weekend.

Amazon is the dominant player.

If you look at the outlook for the whole holiday season, it looks like web traffic and sales could be up 15% to $82 billion.

A small percentage of retail, but growing at a quicker clip.

Online retailers are slashing prices.

What is that going to do to margins?

It is all going to depend on volume.

There are plenty of promotions online as well as off-line.

What we are seeing is increasing engagement by consumers.

Increasing number of orders online per customer.

That could help with the margin pressure if there is any.

That margin pressure may be mitigated if we do see this huge uptick of people actually making warders.

When you talk about an amazon, it already tends to sacrifice its margins.

Thank you as always.

Julie hyman with the very latest on cyber monday results.

When we come back, apple is all a twitter.

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