Customers Look to Win in T-Mobile, AT&T Mobile War

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Jan. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Walter Piecyk, analyst at BTIG, discusses the battle for customers between T-Mobile and AT&T on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” Neither Piecyk, his family, or his firm own shares in the companies.

Offers $450 per subscriber.

T-mobile goes and buys a big chunk of spectrum.

Clearly it is more than just t- mobile versus at&t. t-mobile wants a fight.

He went from not adding subscribers in 2009 two all of a sudden adding subscribers in it has caused them to do something they have not done in the past, offering this money.

Now they are spending over $3 billion which can help them compete more effectively with at&t. do you think t-mobile has a real shot here?

Demma they are adding customers.

That is always a positive.

If you are getting at&t to respond and pain to hundred dollar bounties to get your customers, it has an impact.

Flex how may customers do they need to increase by two have an impact?

They need millions.

One or two quarters is not going to make the company work.

This is the start of a process where they hope to gain millions in the future.

It is mighty expensive to gain those customers.

They have to offer all these incentives, which the other carriers have been forced to match.

Does it end up being a race to the bottom?

A lot of people have cell phones, a lot of people have smartphones.

You have to take someone else's customer.

A lot of these ties talked about paying these guys subsidies for iphones.

They are offering these extra incentives.

The $200 incentive is no different than making an iphone $200 cheaper.

The backdrop -- there is speculation sprint may make an offer for t-mobile.

Does the specter i -- the spectrum acquisition make it more or less likely?

I don't think it makes a difference from sprint's standpoint.

In the grand scheme of things, inuvo $3 billion of what is effectively acid value is not going to stop sprint from deciding whether to go after them.

Isn't it starved for spectrum to the degree that t-mobile has more?

It would be better for them to get more spectrum.

The regulators are saying this is a dream come true.

T-mobile is not taking customers from at&t. as a consumer, i might bring it.

Which is what the fcc wants to see, healthy competition.

It sprint tried to buy t-mobile, what they allow that transaction to go when they say look at the incremental competition we created just by not letting them buy t-mobile.

Where does verizon fit into this?

At&t appears to be the most aggressive when it appears to doing -- what comes to doing battle?

Verizon used to do well.

T-mobile is winning at the expense of at&t. how is that possible.

They are just about to buy out of vodafone.

It's perhaps an even more aggressive and integrated approach in 2014. this'll make them even more formal and -- more formal competitor.

Verizon does not do me any good.

If you are a virus customers anyone to stream from your dvr.

They will say if it is on verizon we won't count that but if you want to use directv and stream their content to your verizon tablet or iphone, we're are going to charge you.

Let's find out where you truly think it matters.

Who is your carrier?

I use at&t. we go back and forth.

Lt is important.

At&t has a low band spectrum.

Verizon and at&t have the low band spectrum that reaches my house.

This is part of the reason t- mobile is spending $3 billion.

Let's talk about verizon.

Verizon has t-mobile raising a bunch of cash and -- a bunch of cash.

I'm sitting on the soccer field watching the eagles hopefully try to win each week.

They need more capacity.

They have 90 megahertz of capacity.

If you follow what verizon is doing, they keep asking them to change what is known as the spectrum screen.

If they get enough of a cushion, that could enable verizon to buy dish.

They are linked the groundwork.

If you look at the fcc filings and what they are lobbying for, they want to be able to buy more spectrum.

Is just sitting there with a big chunk of spectrum that would add to the capacity.

Dish also offers the ability to extend beyond the files markets.

Great conversation about the wireless wars.

Verizon, t-mobile, dish, it is

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