Cupcake Culture: Baking a Recipe for Sweet Success

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July 25 (Bloomberg) -- Melissa Ben-Ishay, founder of Baked By Melissa, discusses the cupcake craze in America and how her business is staying fresh as she attempts to expand the brand beyond New York City. She speaks on “Market Makers.”

Melissa, we talk about the cupcake craze crumbling.

When i look at the line around the block at magnolia, who wants a six dollar cupcake?

That is the case for prom.

Why do you still have yours?

We offer the most functional desert.

It is just a bite, so we give you the opportunity to try all of these different flavors without that posted desert guilt trip, and to us it is all about the experience that you have with eight by melissa.

I went to a sony playstation event the other day being a kind of a geek, and they had these all over the place, so i ate probably 17 of them.

I really had the guilt after that.

Each one is less than 50 calories.

Our tie-dye is 30 calories.

I love the tie-dye, but you love the peanut butter and jelly.

I love them all.

You think the bike size is why you are doing so well?

I think there are a lot of different reasons.

I am constantly trying to innovate.

I am always working on new flavors that really pushed the envelope as to what a cupcake can actually be.

You have a cinnamon bun in the box, and taste a, is that a cupcake?

Whitedy did crumb shut down?

They were losing money every day.

Can i does posit that maybe their cupcake did not taste very good?

I did not like every much.

I like all cupcake.

Do you?

Even flavorless cupcakes?

If you do not innovate, tourists will not rest to your shop.

What do you need to do next?

We know we need to innovate.

That is what we focus on.

We need to grow outside of new york city.

We put a large focus on our gifting.

We want to be part of everybody's special moments.

The happy moments and maybe the not so happy moments.

We try to create something for every single occasion.

Have you ever seen our celebration box?


we have celebration box is geared toward special occasions, it's a boy, it's a girl celebration box, and we just want to be a part of everybody's special mormons because it is so much more than just cupcakes.

Do you have something for sad moment where somebody can just binge ateat?

Our pastry box.

Do you do something other than cupcakes?

It is just bite sized cupcakes.

It is all we offer because that is what people want.

It is a bite and it is delicious.

I assume you started baking days at home and everybody was like oh, my god, these are so good -- hold on, what did you do before the?

I worked in advertising, i was fired from a job -- good for you!

Why did you get fired?

Because i was not good at my job probably but i was lucky enough to find something i was passionate about, which taught me how to work hard, which i did not understand at the time i was fired.

Where are you going to expand to next?

We are slowly starting outside of new york.

We are in no rush to grow.

We look for amazing opportunities that set us apart from everybody else.

Who has got the model you want to in your late?

-- to emulate?

We do not really pay attention to our competition because we are unique and as long as we continue to innovate and push the envelope, i think we are true to ourselves, which is the most important thing.

Do you ever go to magnolia to test it out?

I really love all cupcake that i eat them.

Before we started the company, i would get two larger sized cupcakes everyday and eat them both.

I swear.

It is crazy.

I was going to say do you just live at the gym when you're not at work?

Well, now i work my butt off and i have these bite-size cupcakes that are perfect for the health conscious woman.

You have any kind of partying

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