Cuomo: Tesla to Maintain 5 Licensed NY Retail Sites

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March 28 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Julie Hyman reports that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has allowed Tesla to maintain its five currently licensed retail locations in the state. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Jersey there has been some opposition to tesla having retail sites.

In new york, they can keep it.

Added investigations will be under franchise law.

The legislation will implement a pact to be introduced in the near future.

Across the country, as you know, dealers sort of gang up and pay congressmen to keep these old laws on the book that limit the ability to sell the product directly to the consumer.

If i want to buy a legal product from a company that i should be able to.

You have to purchase it through the entity that has the license.

A big company like four-door toyota, they might like have dealers because they are not in the business of dueling the dealership stuff.

But a company like tesla, they want to sell directly to you and they should be able to because this is supposedly a free country but not in very corrupt states.

Like new jersey, for example -- didn't the fbi director say was the most corrupt in the country?

How is this different from how cars are sold in europe?

They have the freedom to do things that they like.

A lot of carmakers in germany operate the round dealerships and you can buy directly.

I bought an audi directly from the factory and i did not have to pay fees to a middleman that were artificially created by legislation.

And you did not have to deal with our salesmen.


Tomorrow morning, i'm going to get up early and go out to the tesla store in westchester at the mall.

I'm going to test drive one of the model s and this will be hopefully one of the triple underbody protections so i know it will not explode on the street.

I'm going to look into the buying process and see what it's like from the company and not through some middleman.

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