Cuomo’s Plan Isn’t A Sufficient Solution: Sayegh

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Jan. 8 (Bloomberg) –- Terra Tech Corp Director of NE Cannabis Division Evan Nison and Drug Policy Alliance NY State Director Gabriel Sayegh discuss Governor Cuomo’s proposal for the use of medical marijuana with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

He joins us from albany.

He is the director of terra tech corp.. explain to us going to the speech?

A lot of us have come up from new york city and some patients, people living with msn cancer.

This is not a sufficient solution.

We have those that are suffering.

They are dying right now.

There are those that suffered needlessly or conduct a criminal.

The governor did not give much detail on this program, in his briefing book.

What has been outlined is insufficient and entirely unworkable.

This is for legislating the reform that we need for a sufficient solution.

What have we learned from the introduction of various marijuana laws in place like colorado or california?

One of the terrible things about the governor's proposals.

This is essentially a research program that says we need to find out how to create a marijuana system and what will work.

We have 20 states with medical marijuana programs now.

We have them on the books in this country for 18 years.

Countries like canada and israel have federal national they're one of programs.

We know how to do this and we know how to do it right to make sure that patients get the medicine they need.

To do anything other than implement the program is putting patients at risk and allowing them to continue to suffer.

We need to do a lot more here in new york before we can call new york, because we're not there yet.

When you tell people that your company is interested in moving more into this industry, what kind of response have you received?


As the regulatory environment gets better, so does investor confidence.

As these laws progressed and the governors make announcements even if they are hollow, from what we can tell, it does increase the confidence of investors and the industry that really wants to provide the

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