Crowd-Funded Renewables Pay Dividends for Investors

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June 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bruce Davis, Chief Executive Officer and founder at Abundance Generation, explains to Guy Johnson how his company allows investors to receive dividends from funding renewable energy products. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”


We allow people to invest directly into the u.k. and across europe.

And today invest by the venture which allows them to get return based on a share of cash made.

In this case, clean energy.

We are between 7%-9%. alongside that, getting some of the money back.

Very long-term, 20 years for people investing.

Out of curiosity -- we are regulated by the fca.

These are investment products.

They are transferable.

And from the energy side, it is up.

We are trying to support the independent producers of energy which tends to be the were knowable.

Competition and the energy market.

Investors want access.

Your sins is a good company, the energy companies, are not yet fully of twos need that we are heading to decentralized world power?

When we put it together, it was a centralized world.

A lot of technology has changed.

What has happened is that the energy company's have not adapted to the new reality.

The model is based on large-scale power.

What we're seeing now is 500,000 households energy -- create their own energy on their roofs.

It is very hard to do in the current structure.

Are we in a world where demand will outpace supply by considerable margins?

There are two sides.

We are looking to make investments in energy efficiency.

A lot of talk about prices rising.

We are looking around.

How we use energy and generate it.

In general, the way we use energy now is more decentralized.

We use it more in our homes and lead in factories and so on.

The idea would be that interesting and were noble energy in your own local area and pay for the energy produced and in the long run, have a more energy process.

The cost will be?

Chris at the moment, it is subsidized.

It is more expensive because we are trying to build up the technology.

It's a very sharp decrease in the price of the technology and energy.

That is where it comes to the energy companies.

In the long run, it will be competitive with coal and gas and nuclear.

That is when the decentralized producers will go to people directly with the companies.

We will leave it there.

Bruce, nice to see you.

Ruth davis joining us from abundance.

Russia has cut gas prices.

We are staying with the energy theme.

That is according to the ceo.

What have a more on that breaking story.

Ryan chilcote is following the story.

You can follow me on twitter.

Olivia sterns is even easier.

We will take a break and be back in a few minutes time.

Will analyze and the news out of russia and the ukraine.

We will be back.


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