CrossFit Fitness: Is the Intense Workout Craze Dangerous?

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Sept. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg‘s Brendan Greeley discusses the fitness craze of CrossFit and compares the rate of injury to other sports. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

That can kill you, reebok signed up as a sponsor.

This is something you do.

It made me into this specimen i am.

Look upon my limbs!

Do i have to?

Short bursts of intense activity -- calisthenics, push-ups, olympic lifts.

You do something on the torture device called an ergometer, a rowing machine.

Why is it so special?

What makes people crazy about it?

I think the key is that people like to work out together.

It is slightly less expensive than a trainer, more expensive than a gym.

Some people who study it say that the real key is people like working out in a community.

They talk about community all the time.

You've written about this.

Yes, for this week in "business week here cap people really seem to like hanging out and talking about this, doing it as a group, and makes him feel like a team.

What is fascinating to me, 10,000 gyms have signed up.

Each jim pays 3000 bucks, the g ym can do whatever it wants.

They are not a franchise, they are affiliates.

You get trained for two days in techniques and anyone can open a gym.

Two days training?

They really believe that crossfit headquarters in a free market for gyms.

You have crossfit gyms in the same industrial park looking at each other that are applying different models.

What is interesting, i think that has been part of the rapid expansion.

You have all these gyms competing to see who can retain people best.

They've gotten good at drawing people in and keeping them around.

Eswar prasad, were you looking into this?

The mission of the gyms being open after two days of training worries me.

This is a lawsuit.

Someone in santa cruz is hearing you say this.

That is their biggest challenge.

I've talked to someone who has owned crossfit l.a. for 10 years.

That is ancient and crossfit years.

They have a program and their required trainers to train for an extra six months.

The quality of the jim varies.

Crossfit has a caveat, go with a gym that has been around for a long time.

The concept of high training makes a lot of sense.

Doing it with a group allows you to push more, i imagine.

There have been some high intensity injury allegations.

Can you talk about the lawsuit?

Crossfit has a problem, it looks very dangerous, particularly the lengthy lists.

It is easy to find videos of people dropping things and amazing ways.

This is anecdotal.

It is relatively new and there is not a lot of research on how dangerous it is.

I crossfit affiliate is suing a group of researchers at ohio state who did a lot of work to find out that crossfit is good for you and improves body mass.

It is a throwaway sentence that said nine of the 50 four people we tested this not come back because they were injured.

Crossfit alleges that that injury data was faked and they have a pretty compelling case.

But, there is a tengion right now between traditional academic fitness studies and crossfit.

They are saying we're doing this in a different way and we have the evidence.

What is the injury rate of people who participate in crossfit?

The best way to measure injury in sports, apples to apples, is a measure called incidents per thousand hours of work.

If you do crossfit for 1000 hours, this is how may times you are likely to get injured.

One has at 3.1, one at 2.9, in keeping with other sports.

Less than long-distance running, way less -- i found a study for hockey that pataki at -- puts hockey at 79 incidents per 1000 hours.

It's possible that a lot of people are getting injured as part of the natural injury rate any activity has.

Scarlet, you have two boys who play hockey.

If you draw blood, it's a penalty.

In kid's hockey it is different.

Atul, you run.

Do people talk about crossfit in the financial industry?

It sounds like it is over engineering your workout.

Strap on a pair of running shoes is something you can do at home and you can go on vacation as well.

You cannot really take crossfit equipment with you.

There are things you can do on vacation.

There's a whole list of things.

I stand corrected.

Oh my god, i am a proselyte.

Pick up "businessweek," out today.

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