Creating Vine’s Hypnotic 6 Second Ads

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August 2 (Bloomberg) -- Stop motion animator Khoa Phan discusses his art and the lucrative business of creating ads for major corporations. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

We sat down to create one of these six second ads.

We're going to show everyone what it looks like.

Talk about how you got into this business and who is knocking on your door question mark who is calling you to produce these ads?

Vine came out in january and i joined and i was doing morning coffee and i thought this was so boring.

Then i decided to do something different, so i did stop motion, which was kind of different.

Ever since then, i got a lot of notice.

The editors take on it and found it interesting and then match a bull wrote about me and i got tons of e-mails.

What is it like working with actual businesses to do advertising?

I never expected it, but it's been really fun.

The concept is a collaborative and back and forth.

You have done campaigns with snapple, peanuts, mtv.

I never thought i would work for these people, so it was exciting.

Is it lucrative?

Lex i think so.

I quit my regular job to do mostly vine.

Can i ask what you charge for a six second ad?

Lex it all varies on how expensive is.

I can't really answer that great -- i can't really answer that.

What do you think you do that can't get captured in a newspaper ad or other types of traditional advertising?

For vine, it's flat , people sort of pass it, but i make stop motion and you don't have to listen to it to be engaged and it loops, so you're kind of hypnotized sometimes.

That's the appeal of vine videos.

It's just a six second video.

You could be doing it somewhere else.

Facebook -- instagram has eight second videos.

Are you going to move from vine to facebook?

Just because it's longer doesn't mean it's better.

They have that option, i would rather keep it nice and short.

I am doing instagram stop motion -- i do both for vine and instagram.

We have put together -- you did it, i was mostly sitting there.

We put together a six second video right here for "market makers." have a look.

In you can just keep watching it.

You're just looping the video.

That be cool.

-- that is pretty cool.

That's the secret that you can watch the sunrise and six seconds.

How long did that take?

Lex probably 15 or 20 minutes for the part where you weren't there and in 15 minutes when you were there.

Creativity in motion.

We are back in two minutes.

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