Creating a Network of Energy Efficient Smartlights

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Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) –- Planet Forward host Frank Sesno examines how Sensity Systems is merging big data with energy savings by creating a high-speed network of smartlights. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Planet forward.

There is a bright future in burgeoning big data with big energy savings.

Meet entrepreneurs, maybe even visionaries, cofounder and ceo of the company.

It is all about lighting and technology and a dramatic shift that could be similar to the revolution in tv.

If a person wants flat panel displays and every television you get today has a microprocessor built into it and you get an array of applications that you can enable right out- of-the-box.

The same type of evolution is going to occur.

Their idea, led lighting that last longer than incandescent bulbs.

Make this a network of smart lights.

Collecting and sending data about temperature, precipitation, carbon dioxide levels, and seismic act to be.

-- seismic activity.

They can use it, they're only limits is there -- their creativity.

The cost of up grading all of those old life is a challenge, -- upgrading all of those old life is a challenge.

They're working to complete demonstration trials.

Next up, working with developers to create apps.

We are seeing customers interested in parking applications, monitoring assets, and improving security.

Those are the initial applications.

Beyond that, it is about a connected world.

But lighting the way, gathering data from lights, fueling the bottom light -- the bottom line.

A bright idea that might move the planet forward.

Frank is with us now.

How far away are we from seeing a network like this?

Pretty far away because you have to get the lights and you have to get the network in place.

We are only just beginning to cut through the cost barrier.

The cost may be prohibitive because it is four times the upfront cost of replacing bulbs.

Take los angeles, in the process of replacing streetlights, when they do that, when they are done, they will save 2.5 million dollars in maintenance alone every year.

It is not atypical for some communities to be spending 30% of their overall electricity in streetlights.

You can see what a big boon this could be to the bottom line of municipalities.

These are lights that could last literally decades.

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