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July 11 (Bloomberg) -- Microsoft Research Center Senior Researcher Danah Boyd discusses teenagers and social networking with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

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Earlier this year, a pew research poll showed that teens are losing enthusiasm for facebook.

Did two more adults, people over sharing, and what they call stressful drama.

Have you ever wondered how these polls are done and where the research comes from?

Our next guest spends most of her time at high school full of games, movie theaters, and mcdonald's interviewing teenagers and spotting social media trends to see -- two feet to research centers.

She is curley at microsoft research center.

"time" magazine recently included her in the top 30 minds of influential minds in technology.

Dana joins us now from new york.

Great company to be in there.

Tell us more about how you do your research.

It is certainly no small task to figure out what teenagers are thinking.

No, but it is quite fun.

I spent most of my time trying to map old troll practices.

-- map cultural practices.

It means i run around the united states talking to teenagers, talking to their families, watching teens, and observing them online as well.

For example, what would you say has changed the most in the last six month over the last year in terms of how teenagers are using technology and social media?

For the long time, we saw a consolidation.

Everybody was moving to specific individual social network sites, the -- first it was my face, then facebook.

Now there is fragmentation again.

You are seeing different apps emerge, snap chat , instagram, we're seeing seeing a variety of different sites, tumblerr, twitter.

Young people are going to a variety of different sites and services and apps.

Mostly just to hang out with their friends to connect with people that share their interests.

Otherwise to really just engage . so capturing the attention of this younger demographic is key to many companies out there.

Does facebook have something to worry about?

Facebook becomes the standard fare for people of all ages.

I think one of the things that has been notable about facebook is that it is being used not just by young people but by people of all ages around the globe.

Facebook is also the home to instagram, which is one of the more popular apps that we have seen.

It is dangerous to assume that technologies will stabilize and people will use them the same way forever.

The facebook we knew five years ago is not going to be the facebook of tomorrow.

The question is how the company in the service is to continue to evolve.

Would you say there is a danger though of facebook being replaced by snap chat or even instagram?

Whenever you have different laces were people go to hang out, of course people go onto different things.

It is a challenge with technology, especially soquel -- social media, as we do not know yet how these companies or services will continue to evolve.

I do not think you can action may give one way or another on facebook here it is not going to be the destination site that we saw five years ago, but that does not mean it won't continue to evolve and that we won't see new innovative things coming out of that company that will end up showing us different ways of interacting.

I don't think this is the place for haiti now like we have seen in the past.

What is your verdict now on instagram versus divine?

-- versus vine?

Instagram is the dominant place for photos, and vine came in first with videos.

Instagram have 15 second videos , and people think more is better.

I'm not consent -- convinced of that is true.

What people do with constraints is show the several ways of participating.

Vine is very interesting because it is so shortcomings quick attention.

It is almost somewhere between a proper video like a youtube video and a photograph.

I'm not sure that longer is better in this case.

Instagram videos may be too long?

They may be too long.

They will be used for a different kind of purpose vanthan vine.

These are totally different kinds of participation.

It seems strange.

Sick seconds, 15 seconds, what is the difference?

It is a huge difference in terms of what you pay attention to.

You obviously work for microsoft, which is a company that is trying very hard to stay innovative.

How does microsoft incorporate research like yours to try to stay ahead of trends when they are a company that has has been criticized for falling behind?

One of the things i love about microsoft its it has invested in the future.

I have been part of microsoft research for 4.5 years, and what is amazing about that organization is in bringing together technology, social sciences, trying to understand the different aspects of different issues.

The company itself integrate these into different kind of products, and we've seen amazing integration coming out of microsoft.

Xbox connect --xbox kinect was part of my work, which i am proud of.

I spent microsoft to innovate going into the future.

Are right, dana boyd -- danah boyd, thank you for joining us here on "bloomberg west." from laser projection to 3-d animation, the national transportation security board is turning to tech to investigate the boeing 777 crashed.

Find out why the chair for -- the chair calls or group the cfi of investigation.


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